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529The Nietzschean Übermensch: new group on Facebook.

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  • sauwelios
    Dec 13, 2011
      Dear Members,

      I've created a new group about Nietzsche's Übermensch:


      The occasion is an insight I had recently, which has brought me almost full circle to the beginnings of Human Superhuman. Among the first 60 messages of HSH (messages # 44-58) was my study of Nietzsche's early essay "The Greek State". Now I had two major insights in the course of that study. The most important insight was that the essay cannot be truly understood by itself, but must be understood in the light of Nietzsche's early metaphysics, whose fundamental concept is the Primordial One (AKA Primal Unity). The other major insight was this:

      "The military genius is the instrument by which Nature arrives at the State, i.e., at a Classical organisation of Society (i.e., its organisation into classes), which is the precondition of the development of genius. And in the prototypical State, the military State, the genius that is developed is the military genius itself[.]"

      By "development of genius", I meant the genius's sprouting and flourishing culturally, not naturally. This means the initial military genius must sprout and flourish naturally.

      I've formulated the insight I had recently as follows:

      "There is no difference between saying unbounded Yes to the fragments and cripples and postulating the eternal return of nature; there is no difference between the man that paves the way for the complementary man and that highest nature itself... Nietzsche/Zarathustra paved the way for philosophers of the future by being himself a philosopher of the future, by willing the eternal recurrence; the new highest ideal through which the philosophers of the future rule is the ideal of the philosopher of the future, in the non-possessive sense of the word 'of'... One manifests this ideal, however, by openly and sincerely proclaiming the ideal of the eternal recurrence, by ardently wishing out loud 'that the world as it is eternally return just as it is'."

      (Note that this passage is from a private email I sent, in which I refer to Leo Strauss's essay on Nietzsche and Laurence Lampert's book on Nietzsche and Strauss. Therefore, much of the language I use in this passage derives from those sources.)

      Just as the initial military genius must sprout and flourish naturally, so the Übermensch Nietzsche sprouted and flourished naturally, accidentally; not by design. But such a natural Übermensch is the precondition of any cultural Übermenschen, because by giving exuberant expression to his ideal---the eternal recurrence---, and thereby to his love of existence, he manifests himself as an ideal in his own right.
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