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TR :International Conference Rome 12-13 May 2011 : Le vie del sapere in ambito siro-mesopotamico dal III al IX secolo

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  • Dominique Gonnet
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      De la part de Dominique Gonnet, s.j.(Sources Chrétiennes)
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      De : Massimo Pampaloni [mailto:barsauma@...]
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      Le vie del sapere in ambito siro-mesopotamico dal III al IX secolo

      International Study Conference

      (Rome 12-13 May 2011)

      The proposal for this International conference has grown out of the need for information, understanding, and intercultural exchange — today a lively and present need, typical of a society characterized by the simultaneous presence of several cultures, each with its own traditions.

      This need also calls on the academic and religious communities. In order to deal with a topic so rich in possibilities, this meeting intends to gather expert specialists from different academic settings to offer observations of great interest on these topics.

      The message of the meeting is clear and easily understandable. By making …le vie del sapere” (Paths of Knowledge) the focal point, we hope to reveal how the schools of the ancient and medieval Middle East truly functioned: independent of religious allegiances, they were a setting of exchange and free flow of ideas.

      At present this region is also a symbol par excellence of the various historical currents that the meeting intends to study: Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, is a center of tragedy and pain. While the ancient and venerable Chaldean and Assyrian Churches are today living through a tragic trial, there was once a time when the passage of knowledge from one culture to another took place profitably and fruitfully for all the great traditions living in that ancient land.

      The name for the meeting is deliberately geo-cultural. Le vie del sapere will show that the ancient schools of thought in that fascinating land actually formed a powerful channel of communication and dialogue. Thus we will be able to follow the “golden thread” from the ancient Jewish academies to the Greek philosophical schools and on to the later Islamic schools of thought.

      Studies in the meeting will explore historical, cultural, religious, philosophical, theological, literary, and linguistic topics, including the teaching of law and alternative academic approaches, such as those dealing with the women’s issues.

      This meeting will bring together Italian scholars and those from other countries representing the institutions directly involved in the project: Pont. Oriental Inst., Univ. of Rome III, UC-Berkeley, and partly other prestigious academic institutions.

      P. Massimo Pampaloni SJ

      Pontificio Istituto Orientale
      Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, 7
      00185 Roma
      (+39) 06447417157

      FAJE- Faculdade Jesuita de Filosofia e Teologia
      Av. Dr. Cristiano Guimarães, 2127 - Planalto -
      CEP: 31720-300 - Belo Horizonte (MG)- Brasil
      TEL: (+55) 3115-7000 - FAX:(+55) 3115-7015
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