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RE: [hugoye-list] Miscellaneous Questions

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  • Ginkel, J.J. van
    Dear Mark, A brief ps: Regarding Cyrillona see: Baumstark, GSL pp. 67-7 (Qurillona), where B. clearly indicates that there is something left of this work on
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 1, 2006
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      [hugoye-list] Miscellaneous Questions

      Dear Mark,


      A brief ps:


      Regarding Cyrillona see:

      Baumstark, GSL pp. 67-7 (Qurillona), where B. clearly indicates that there is something left of this work on the Huns.

      C. Vona, (I Carmi di Cirillona, Rome 1963) might have published it.


      As far as the Sachau fragment is concerned, I had a quick glance on Nau's article `Le Traité sur les `Constellations' ecrit en 661 par Sévère Sébokt ...'Revue de l'Orient Chrétien 7/8 (27/28), 1929-1932 pp 327-410 (t. 7); 85-100 (t. 8). According to Nau, the two fragments, published by Sachau in his inedita, are in fact part of this Tractatus, i.e. chapters 17 and 18. Nau has translated it all into French.


      Hope this helps.

      Best wishes,


      Jan van Ginkel

      (Leiden University)

      From: hugoye-list@yahoogroups.com on behalf of Mark Dickens
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      Subject: [hugoye-list] Miscellaneous Questions


      I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find answers to
      yet and I wonder if anyone on the list can help me:

      1. Vol. 43 (1984) of the Papers of the Estonian Theological School in
      Exile (which is the last volume we have here in Cambridge, so maybe it's
      the last volume published?) mentions that Prof. Voobus had an edition,
      translation and commentary on Abdisho bar Berikha's Catalogue "in
      process." If I remember correctly, he passed away shortly after this, so
      am I correct in assuming that this work was never completed? I've never
      seen it referred to anywhere else and the only modern translations I can
      find references to are "Discipline Chaldéenne" by Voste and "The book of
      Marganitha (the pearl) on the truth of Christianity, written by Mar
      O'Dishoo, metropolitan of Suwa (Nisibin) and Armenia" by Eshai Shimun
      XXIII. Are there any other translations of this work currently available?

      2. Sachau included a "Geographical Fragment" by Severus Sabukht in his
      "Inedita Syriaca" (1870). Has this piece been translated anywhere else?

      3. Finally, Wright mentions in his History of Syriac Literature on pp.
      40-42 about Absamias and Cyrillonas, two disciples of Ephrem who wrote
      hymns and poems about the Hun invasions. Bar Ebroyo mentions this in his
      Chronicon Ecclesiasticum (Vol. I, p. 133, if I remember correctly--I
      don't have it or Wright in front of me now) and Assemani records the
      same thing in several places in the Bibliotheca Orientalis, Vol. I (pp.
      169 & 401). I've never seen any record of these texts surviving. Is it
      correct to assume that they are no longer extant?

      Thanks in advance of any light that others can shed on these matters.

      Mark Dickens

      Mark Dickens
      Clare Hall
      University of Cambridge

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