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Last Chance to Purchase Lund's Concordance of the Old Syriac Gospels at a discount

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  • George Kiraz (BM)
    Lund s concordance to the Old Syriac Gospels is going to the press next week. This is the last chance to purchase this 2449-page, 3-volume reference at a
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      Lund’s concordance to the Old Syriac Gospels is going to the press next week. This is the last chance to purchase this 2449-page, 3-volume reference at a pre-publication discount:


      Lund, J. The Old Syriac Gospel of the Distinct Evangelists, A Key-Word-In-Context Concordance

      ISBN: 1-59333-069-3
      Price: $390.00
      Available at pre-publication discount.
      Post Publication Price: $480
      Format: Hardback
      Size (in): 8.25 x 11
      Volumes: 3
      Pages: xxii+2449
      Publication Year: 2004


      The Old Syriac Gospel of the Distinct Evangelists (Evangelion da-Mepharreshe), preserved in two manuscripts, namely Codex Curetonianus (Brit. Lib. Add. 14451) and Codex Sinaiticus (Sin. Syr. 30), is one of the earliest translations of the Greek Gospel text, dating to the 3rd or 4th century A.D. On paleographic grounds, Codex Sinaiticus itself dates to the late 4th century or early 5th century A. D., while Codex Curetonianus dates to the 5th century A. D. Codex Curetonianus preserves a clear, legible text. By contrast, Codex Sinaiticus preserves the Old Syriac as the undertext of a palimpsest, which is often difficult to read. This volume should assist in recovery of more text and better readings once new photographic methods can be successfully applied to Codex Sinaiticus in particular. This volume contains a key-word-in-context concordance of these two text witnesses. Verbs are presented by root, not by the third person masculine perfect form. This has the advantage of readily distinguishing middle weak verbs from geminate verbs. Accordingly, final weak verbs generally appear with yodh. Care has been given to define the lexemes accurately per Old Syriac usage, which differs at times from that of other Syriac corpora. For the benefit of the researcher, there are three separate concordances: Words, Personal Names, and Geographic Names. The text basis for this concordance is that found in George Anton Kiraz, Comparative Edition of the Syriac Gospels (Gorgias Press, 2nd ed., 2002), with a number of judicious emendations.

      Jerome Lund studied New Testament at Los Angeles Baptist Theological Seminary (M. Div., 1973) and Westminster Theological Seminary (Th. M. studies, 1973-1974) and Syriac at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (M. A., 1981; Ph. D. 1989). He is currently Senior Research Associate for the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon project at Hebrew Union College , Cincinnati . He has published articles on Aramaic (including Syriac), Hebrew, and the language of Jesus in various journals and books. He has coauthored Aramaic Documents from Egypt , A Key-Word-In-Context-Concordance and collaborated on The Old Testament in Syriac according to the Peshitta Version, Part V, volume 1: Concordance to the Pentateuch. He is married to his Norwegian sweetheart Anne, with whom he has three sons.



      Order Information: orders@...

      Gorgias Press LLC
      46 Orris Ave , Piscataway , NJ 08854 USA
      Fax +1 732-699-0342



      George Kiraz



      George A. Kiraz, M.St. (Oxon), M.Phil., Ph.D. (Cantab)


      Gorgias Press LLC

      46 Orris Ave., Piscataway , NJ 08854 , USA

      Tel. +1 732-699-0343.     Fax. +1 732-699-0342


      Director of Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute

      Fellow of the Institute of Christian Oriental Research, The Catholic University of America


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