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[hugoye-l] Re: Peshitto NT: any projects?

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  • grabo@gwdg.de
    Shlomo Jean V. A new Peshitta Version of the Gospels is published newly (1998) by the Staff of the Syran Orthodox Monastery of Mor Gabriel - Tur Abdin in
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 1999
      Shlomo Jean V.A new Peshitta Version of the Gospels is published newly (1998) by the Staff of the Syran Orthodox Monastery of Mor Gabriel - Tur'Abdin in Istanbul. The Text is with verses/citation from NT and OT and it is with a small critical edition too. The base of the edition is anold manuscript (?) from Deyrza'faran.You can have this Version from the Mor Ephrem the syrian Monastery, Glanebrug Str 33, 7585 PK Glane/Losse, Holland.The Harklean Version of the Gospel we (the Team of the "Konkordanz zur Syrischen Bibel" under Prof Strothmann (+1996) and Prof. Martikainen, University of G�ttingen/Germany) collated Mt-Lk from 30 manuscripts. "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" has not more financial help for our project to collate the rest. If any one/Instituts can help us, let me please know.Gabriel Rabo---------------- <199902080025.baa1337-@...> wrote: Original Article: http://www.egroups.com/list/hugoye-list/?start=94
      > Dear list members, > > I would like to know if anywhere around the world, anybody has undertaken the task of producing a new critical edition of the Peshitto NT. I know the OT is being edited at Leiden, but what about the NT? > > An example to show the necessity for such a work. Not long ago, just by curiosity, I collated the Gospel of Luke in Sinai Syriac 2, a codex from the VIth century. I found not a few variants that looked interesting to me, and most of them are not mentioned in the apparatus of the edition by Pusey-Gwilliam. In those variants, not a few (though mostly small ones) were in agreement with the Old Syriac mss, and for others I could find intersting parallels in Codex Bezae, old latin mss or in several Gospel harmonies. I presume there might be other interesting mss that could provide interesting documentation. Looking at A. Voobus' "Studies in the History of the Gospel Text in Syriac", vol. 2, I see that some mss seemingly deserve attention, even though I found Voobus at fault on one of the variants in Sin. Syr. 2. I'll give more details if some of you on the list are interested. > > BTW, Sinai Syriac 2 is kept, as its name indicates, in Mount Sinai, and is thus a property of the now Greek church. Has there been anything said or written about the fate of the peshitto in the Melkite church? > > I'd really like to know if there's some project somewhere for the publication of a new apparatus criticus. If such is the case, I'd be happy to participate. If not, may be that this list could be the place where we can lay the fundaments for it. > > Any comments? > > Jean V. > > > _______________________________________________________________ > Jean Valentin - 34 rue du Berceau - 1000 Bruxelles - Belgique > e-mail : jgvalentin@... > _______________________________________________________________ > "Ce qui est trop simple est faux, ce qui est trop compliqu� est inutilisable" > _______________________________________________________________ > > >

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