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6461Syriac & Arabic terms for "arcosolium," etc.

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  • lindawi@...
    Jun 6 2:20 PM
      Dear Colleagues,

      To make a long story short, I'm trying to form a mental picture of
      what a "sidilla" is. Is there anything like it in Syriac?

      In Arabic, it can be a part of a house, or a throne room, or a place
      of burial in a castle. The Arabic term seems to be derived from the
      Latin sedilia (see Goitein, A Mediterranean Society; Wheeler
      Thackston, p.c., rejects Ibn Khallikan's Persian etymology).

      However, I still can't picture it. Is it something like an
      arcosolium? And what, for that matter, is the term for arcosolium in
      Syriac and/or Arabic?

      Confusedly yours,
      Linda Wheatley-Irving
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