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6348Re: verbs in asyndeton

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  • Paul Stevenson
    Apr 25, 2014
      Dear Andrew,

      I discussed this matter in my dissertation, where I called such pairs close-knit verbs and observed that they are sometimes connected with waw and sometimes not. In the stanzas of Ephrem's Madrashe on Paradise that I studied, the presence of waw generally seemed to depend on the meter (i.e., whether Ephrem required another syllable or not). You can find my discussion on pages 64-66 of the dissertation. I also have a section on them in Appendix 1, section 28 (pp. 289-290). There I list the pairs of such verbs (and even two groups of three verbs!) found in Madrashe V and VI and mention whether or not they are joined with waw.


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