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6335RE: [hugoye-list] Christians under the Sasanids

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  • Thomas A. Carlson
    Apr 14, 2014
      Dear Matthew,

      Were their Maronites in Iraq in the 1280s?  That surprises me, although perhaps there were.  Tikrit was the official see of the Syrian Orthodox maphrian, in those decades Gregory Abu al-Faraj Bar Hebraeus and then his brother Gregory Barsaumo Bar Hebraeus, although they didn't spend much time in Tikrit itself.  So if Riccoldo da Monte Croce was confused and meant to refer to "Jacobites" instead, one of those two would be the "archbishop" in question.

      Can you share the paragraph or page of the text to provide context?


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      Dear Hugoye listmembers,


      Lists of Maronite patriarchs can be found here and there, but could someone indicate to me the name of the man who was described by Riccoldo da Monte Croce as “archbishop” of the Maronites of Tikrit or Tagrit in the late 1280s-early 1290s?



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