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1[hugoye] Welcome to Hugoye-List!

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  • George Kiraz
    Sep 30, 1998
      Welcome to Hugoye-List: The discussion group for Syriac Studies! Here is
      a copy of the Welcome Statement.

      George Kiraz, Ph.D.
      Hugoye General Editor


      Hugoye-list is an e-mail discussion group devoted to the academic field
      of Syriac studies. The list is associated with the electronic journal
      _Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies_
      (http://www.acad.cua.edu/syrcom/Hugoye) and is sponsored by the Syriac
      Computing Institute. Intended for the use of academic scholars,
      Hugoye-list is not an appropriate forum for amateur inquiries. The
      framework for discussion is academic and non-political.


      The act of subscribing to the list signifies the agreement of the
      subscriber to follow the Rules of Conduct (see below) and to accept the
      adjudications of the moderator. To subscribe, send a message to
      hugoye-list-subscribe@egroups.com. To unsubscribe, send a message to
      hugoye-list-unsubscribe@egroups.com. You can also use the web interface
      at http://www.eGroups.com/list/hugoye-list to subscribe and


      Archives of Hugoye-List are automatically maintained, and they may be
      accessed at http://www.eGroups.com/list/hugoye-list. You may also use
      the web interface to request receiving e-mails in a digest form that
      bundles several messages together and sends them to your e-mail in
      bundles is available.


      As most e-mail systems do not support Syriac, the following convention
      should be used. Please place all Syriac words and phrases in solidi, /
      /, and use the following simplified convention for transcribing Syriac
      consonants and matres lectionis:

      ' b g d h w z H T y k l m n s c p S q r sh t.

      In the case of Shin, '$' may be used instead if 'sh' causes ambiguity
      with the sequence Semkath He. Vowels may be transcribed as:

      West Syriac: a o e i u
      East Syriac: a A e E i o u

      If the transcription needs to make use of Rukkakha and Qushshaya, place
      a period, '.', after a soft sound (e.g., /kt.ab./ "to write"). If
      needed, a colon ':' may be used for Seyame.


      This list is quasi-moderated. Anyone who subscribes to the list may
      contribute. The acts of subscribing and posting messages to the list
      signify the agreement of the subscriber to accept the adjudications of
      the moderator and follow the following rules:

      -- Discussion of topics other than Syriac studies (or other topics
      likely to be of interest to members of the list) should be avoided.

      -- Contributors to the list should always sign their messages with their
      names (not just e-mail addresses). Pseudonyms are not an acceptable
      substitute. Additional information, such as institutional affiliation,
      might also be of interest to others on the list.

      -- Do not post copyrighted material to Hugoye-List without permission.
      Do not repost material from Hugoye-List to other places without
      permission. Hugoye-List is archived. If you cite material posted on
      Hugoye-List in print or in other electronic media, use the URL:
      http://www.egroups.com/list/hugoye-list (Note: This URL is case

      -- When responding to a message on the list, quote only that portion of
      the message that you are responding to, or enough of the message to
      remind readers of the context of the discussion. In many cases it is not
      necessary to quote the entire message.

      -- Conventional etiquette should be followed by all contributors to the

      -- Scholarly discussion can at times be somewhat heated, but civility
      should always prevail.

      -- More on proper behavior:

      ** Respect your fellow listmembers.

      ** On-list flaming is unwelcome. Likewise, do not "flame" or
      otherwise harass listmembers off-list. Differing viewpoints and even
      heated argumentation are acceptable and welcome, but refrain from
      name-calling and commenting unfavorably on the intellectual abilities,
      morals, training, parentage, bathing habits, etc., of your fellow
      listmembers. Stick to the issues and to arguments that contribute to
      the debate.

      ** Pay close attention to what you post: 1) Think carefully about
      what you post. 2) Proofread your messages. 3) Add or change the subject
      line to reflect the content of your posting. 4) Hugoye-List is archived,
      and the archive is publicly accessible. The archive is indexed by large
      and small search engines. What you post to Hugoye-List will be around
      for a long time, and may be cited by scholars in publications.

      ** If you feel the need to respond to several messages in a single
      session, bundle them together. If you find yourself sending more than
      three messages in a single day, consider the possibility that you are
      sending too much.

      ** Political agendas of any form are not appropriate for discussion.

      The Group Moderator has the right to unsubscribe subscribers who violate
      any of the above rules without notification, though usually a warning is
      issued first. Repeated offenders will not be permitted to rejoin the


      Other specialised academic-oriented forums of interest are:

      -- Peshitta (on the Peshitta version of the Syriac Bible)

      -- ANE (on Ancient Near East)

      -- tc-list (on Biblical textual criticism)


      For further information, please e-mail the Group Moderator at

      \_\_\_\_\_\_\_ George Anton Kiraz, Ph.D.
      \_\_\_ \_\_\_\_ \_ \_ Language Modeling Research
      \_ \_ \_ \_ Bell Laboratories
      \_ \_ \_ \_ Lucent Technologies
      \_ \_\_\_ \_\_\_\_\_\_\_ \_ \_ Room 2D-446
      \_ \_ 700 Mountain Ave.
      \_ \_ Murray Hill, NJ 07974
      \_ \_ Tel. +1 908 582 4074
      \_ \_ Fax. +1 908 582 3306
      \_\_\_ email: gkiraz@...-labs.com


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