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Persistent and pipelining again...

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  • Lukasz P
    Hi all, You have sent e-mail for you (below). You advised me (programm and link), thank you very much :-). HTTPERF is tool with functions which I m finding.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2002
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      Hi all,

      You have sent e-mail for you (below). You advised me (programm and link),
      thank you very much :-). "HTTPERF" is tool with functions which I'm finding.
      It's a pity that httperf doesn't have version on Windows. I have to find
      program only for Windows because my program and DOMINO NAS analzer is only
      I have been finding a software since 3 days. I found a lot of softwares to
      test web servers (like Loadruner, Webload, e-Test) but I haven't found
      program with functions like in httperf
      Do you have any suggestion? Programme like httper but on Windows.

      Thanks for help :)
      I would be really gratefull.


      >My english is weak but I will try explain you my problem...
      >I'm writing program which can analyse HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols (for
      >example what is faster...HTTP 1.1 or HTTP 1.0, what is
      >better...pipeling+persistent or
      >only persitent etc). I must have a client, programme. A client tries to
      >connect with normal web server. I need a programme that use HTTP protocol
      >and user can influence HTTP and TCP protocols (special options in program)
      > enable, disable pipelining in HTTP 1.1
      >- to choose HTTP protocol (1.1 or 1.0) (this is in Internet Explorer 5, I
      >-enable, disable persistent connection in HTTP 1.0 (keep-alive)
      >-to choose amount TCP sesions (persistent connection in HTTP 1.1 only in
      >TCP sesions, two, free... sesions TCP) (it is in Internet Explorer 4,5, I
      >know about it)
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