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Tool to validate HTTP responses according to RFC 2616

Hi all! Do you know any existing tool that would validate an HTTP Response and make sure it is compliant with RFC 2616? Thanks in advance, Isabel
Nov 21, 2005

How to input and get output from a CGI script

Hello, We have been developing a Server with considering only MUST requirments. but we r facing a problem to input and get output from a CGI script without
May 30, 2004

Re: How the server should get the output of a CGI script

... The exact solution would depend on your programming language, libraries you can use, operating system, desired performance, and a set of features you want
Alex Rousskov
May 22, 2004

How the server should get the output of a CGI script

Hi all, we have been developing a HTTP/1.1 server that will support cgi scripts. please any body let me know how should i get the output of a cgi or perl
May 22, 2004

IE 6, 5.5 and 5 Different HTTP 304 Cache Behaviour

Hello, I've noticed the following behaviour between ie version 5, 5.5 and 6... If the browser makes a GET request that returns a HTML page that references
Dave Potts
May 22, 2004

Re: Potted list of RFC 2616 MUST / SHOULD / MAY requirements?

... A list of MUST-level requirements (cross-linked with the RFC 2026 text and test cases, where applicable) is a part of the Co-Advisor test suite:
Alex Rousskov
Jan 29, 2004

Potted list of RFC 2616 MUST / SHOULD / MAY requirements?

Hey ho all, I'm currently pruning 2616 down to a list of the actual requirements, but it occurs to me that someone must (MUST) have done this already. Can
Jan 29, 2004

Re: HTTP/1.1 Conditional GET

... if If-Unmodified-Since is present respond with 412 Precondition Failed ... ...in other words, pessimistically assume the resource has changed. -Chris
Chris Pressey
Oct 1, 2003

Re: HTTP/1.1 Conditional GET

Hello again, ... Well, it took me a little longer than days :) (Actually, I just hadn't had time to work on it over the summer.) I think I have come up with an
Chris Pressey
Sep 30, 2003

compliant proxies found, at last (fwd)

-- FYI. No apologies to cross-subscribers for cross-posting. Alex. ... Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:33:52 -0600 (MDT) From: Alex Rousskov
Alex Rousskov
Sep 16, 2003

Re: HTTP/1.1 Conditional GET

... Thanks for all the pointers. I'll make sure to include your name in the credits under "compliancy help". :) -Chris
Jun 28, 2003

Re: HTTP/1.1 Conditional GET

... Except for If-Match: * ... Except for If-None-Match: * especially for non-GET/HEAD methods. ... In general, your server may be serving content that was
Alex Rousskov
Jun 4, 2003

Re: HTTP/1.1 Conditional GET

... at ... must ... Thanks for your reply. Two of my primary design goals are conditional compliance and simplicity, so I'd like to be able to reduce this
Jun 4, 2003

Re: HTTP/1.1 Conditional GET

... There is no clear/single MUST that says "the server MUST support a conditional or partial GET", I think. However, you may still get a practical answer to
Alex Rousskov
Jun 2, 2003

HTTP/1.1 Conditional GET

Hi, I'm writing a minimal HTTP/1.1 origin server and I'm striving for conditional compliance. I have a couple of newbie questions about whether Conditional GET
Jun 2, 2003
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