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Re: HTML Novice

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  • web_wizard_2k
    You may like to try The WebWizard (http://www.the-webwizard.co.uk/) - It s an HTML editor, but contains a powerful toolbar which can generate all the HTML
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 25, 2002
      You may like to try "The WebWizard" (http://www.the-webwizard.co.uk/)
      - It's an HTML editor, but contains a powerful toolbar which can
      generate all the HTML code for you!
      The webwizard displays the HTML code as you build up your page, so you
      can see exactly what code is produced to generate, say an image!
      You should be able to pick up HTML in no time! (certainly in less than
      3 months!)

      There are two versions available - a 'standard' verison (FREE), and a
      'pro' version (just $20) which contains many more features including
      over 30 pre-made Javascripts ready for insertion into your pages!

      --- In htmlnerds@y..., sclnet <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I am a novice. I briefly read an HTML tutorial and have a basic
      > of the basic layout of a page: for example
      > <html>
      > <head>
      > <TITLE>A Simple HTML Example</TITLE>
      > </head>
      > <body>
      > <H1>HTML is Easy To Learn</H1>
      > <P>Welcome to the world of HTML.
      > This is the first paragraph. While short it is
      > still a paragraph!</P>
      > <P>And this is the second paragraph.</P>
      > </body>
      > </html>
      > But to save time, rather than create a webpage by hardcoding html
      > myself, I used Frontpage Express to create the web page; because its
      > easier (you can just type in english and it generates the html code
      > for you).
      > Of course Frontpage Express is a very limited bare-bones program.
      > I am looking for a more powerful program that will allow me to
      > a much more professional looking site. I'm probably going to
      > eventually add some cgi, java scripts and possibly some ad banners,
      > frames.etc.
      > I don't know anything about any of the other html programs (which
      > are good-which are bad).
      > I can't afford Dreamweaver (although its a powerful program).
      > One program that has come to my attention is Arachnophilia - it is
      > freeware.
      > I have heard some people claim it is an outstanding program.
      > Can anyone give me their opinion of this program and maybe a couple
      > of other programs that you prefer and why?
      > One question I have is does Arachnophilia work like Frontpage
      > Express? Can you just enter the text and it will generate the html
      > code for you, or do you have to type in the html code yourself?
      > How difficult is it to get familiar with and learn how to use
      > Arachnophilia? I've never designed a web page by hardcoding it with
      > html code. What is the learning curve? Is it going to take me 3
      > months of hard study to learn how to use Arachnophilia?
      > Thanks
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