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Zia Khan
Mar 31
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New Mobile and Cloud Computing Course Starting in Sir Syed

New Mobile and Cloud Computing course starting in Sir Syed University. Detailed handout is available at:
Zia Khan
Mar 29

Saylani Android Batch: Java Test 1

1Syed Shahroze Rizvi94.442Muhammad Mohib Khan88.83Muhammad Faizan Khan83.334Mohammad Ghazanfar Khan83.335Umair Irshad83.336Alap Arsalan83.337Syed Hasnain Abbas
Zia Khan
Mar 28

Saylani Batch 2 Javascript Results

Saylani Batch 2 Javascript Results:Note: Congrats to those who have passed, and those who have failed please focus on the future not the past. Taha and I will
Zia Khan
Mar 28

Video Editor Project

From Monday iPhone Bootcamp will start. We will making a video editor for iPhone 6/6+ using Swift and AVFoundation. All bootcamp participants please review
Zia Khan
Mar 28

Angularjs 2.0 and Typescript Free Seminar Series

Getting ready for Google's Angularjs 2.0 and Microsoft's Typescript 1.5 Free Seminar Series:As you know Google and Microsoft have joined forces on mobile and
Zia Khan
Mar 26

To all students of Saylani Batch 2

We want to be the best in the world, therefore we will study the hardest. No one can beat us because we rather die than accept defeat, we will never be
Zia Khan
Mar 23

iPhone classes Suspended this Sunday

This Sunday only iPhone/Swift classes in Sir Syed University and Saylani are suspended due to extreme international project workload on the iPhone teaching
Zia Khan
Mar 20

Afrah going to Cornell for PhD

Today I received a call from USA, and I am so proud to inform all of you that our very best princess, student, teacher, and friend Afrah Shafquat​ has been
Zia Khan
Mar 14

Must much video

Zia Khan
Mar 12

Free Business Relationship Bootcamp

Panacloud Free International Business Relationship Manager BootcampIf your english communications skills are good and you love technology, we are going to
Zia Khan
Mar 10

Unity 5 is here

Download Unity 5http://unity3d.com/get-unity
Zia Khan
Mar 9

Google + Microsoft = AngularJS 2.0

Microsoft and Google have joined forces and now working on AngularJS 2.0
Zia Khan
Mar 5

The possibilities of VR

This is made on Unity, imagine what will happen after Virtual Reality takes off. One of our groups is working on it:
Zia Khan
Mar 5

Re: Pakistanis are the Best Software Developers: Two World Class Pro

Hassan Naqvi @Mukesh: Back in 2001 when I first approach Zia Khan for learning Java with full of enthusiasm and passion; he simply replied "go and pass the
Zia Khan
Mar 5
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