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  • Zia Khan
    Jul 16, 2014
      Internships for Saylani Batch 1 Students:
      To speed up the learning process of students we are planning to offer full-time and part-time internships to up to 10 students in our new Panacloud offices of Web and Hybrid Mobile App Division. Once they successfull complete this internship they will be offered full-time positions in Panacloud. In order to be selected the students must show: 
      1. Good JavaScript Test Scores 
      2. Good Angular Test Scores 
      3. Build a End-to-End Quiz Single Page Web Application using Angular + Bootstrap on the front end and Node.js/Express 4 and MongoDB on the back end (I know you guys have not yet done Node and MongoDB, but we want to see what you can do with new technology that you learn on your own). On the quiz app we should be able take MCQ tests from the Saylani students.
      Just after Eid a selection committee comprising of Zeeshan HanifSaad Ahmed SiddiquiSohaib NehalHsm Sharique HasanZeeshan Hassan and Taha Shahid will visit Saylani to review your work.
      Note: Anyone can apply for this internship as long as they show us the project. You do not have to be even our student to apply for this internship, anyone can apply.