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  • Zia Khan
    Jul 5, 2014
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      To increase the speed at which we are growing, we have divided Panacloud (Pvt.) Ltd. into four divisions and adding new office space:

      Web Apps and Hybrid Mobile Apps Division:
      Currently we have a capacity of 26 developers/designers in this division. We have added a new office space with a max capacity of 14 developers. This new office will become operational from Eid. Therefore, the total capacity of this division will be 40 developers/designers within one month. 
      This division will focus on developing Web Apps using AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, and Express. Hybrid mobile apps using Ionic/AngularJS and PhoneGap. We will be using JavaScript as our development language.

      Native Mobile Apps, Wearable Tech. and IoT Division
      We have opened new offices with a capacity of 30 mobile developers/designers. This office will become operational from this Monday. We will start iOS 8 development bootcamp in this office from Monday.
      This division will focus on developing Mobile and Wearable Tech. apps for iPhone, Android, iWatch, Android Wear, and Google Glass. We will be using Swift and Java as our development languages.  

      Game Development Division
      Current this division is on the drawing boards. Once the native mobile division is fully productive we will start focusing on this division. The developers will be using Unity 3D with C# and designers will be using 3D Studio Max and Maya.

      Big Data Division
      Once game development division is operational we will shift our focus to this area. 

      Our target is to reach the mark of 70 developers/designers by October 1. By January 1, 2015 we again want to double in size to 140 developers/designers. Our target is to double the size of the company every 90 days, Insha Allah.

      Zia Khan