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4967"Kamal Mac" available from Monday

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  • Zia Khan
    Jul 4 7:35 AM
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      "Kamal Mac" will be available from this Monday at CompuPoint shop for Rs. 16, 800. You can contact Mr. Jameel at cell 0321-891-8231 to place an order. 

      The specs are as follows:
      HP 6000 Desktop with OS X 10.9.3 installed with XCode 6 Beta
      CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 GHz
      Memory: 4GB DDR 3 RAM (2x2)
      Graphic Card: ATI Radeon 5450HD 1 GB Card in PCI Express Slot (Saphire)
      Harddrive: 160 GB SATA
      CD ROM: DVD-RW (Super Combo Drive)

      (Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor not included)

      If you want to have 8 GB RAM add an additional Rs. 3,000 for 4 GB RAM (2x2). With a total price of Rs. 19,800.

      Mr. Kamal Hunzai is an consultant for CompuPoint and all Hackintoshes are made under his supervision. 

      Note: I have no financial connections or otherwise to Compu Point. It is your responsibility to check if the systems are working and the price in right. I am not responsible in any way.

      Previous Email:
      In the next few months Apple will release iWatch with health sensors and iPhone 6 with larger screens. They have also introduced a new programming language called Swift. We believe all this will create a new iPhone wave and we Pakistanis need to be part of this wave and try to lead it, Insha Allah.

      But we were faced with a major hurdle that in order to do iPhone development you need a Mac. As you know Mac's are very expensive and beyond the reach of most Pakistani students and developers. 
      Therefore we gave the impossible task of making a iPhone Development Workstation to Kamal Hunzai. The catch was that it must cost less than Rs.20,000 ($200), be faster than the Mac Book Pro which costs about Rs. 270,000 ($2,700), and should be available in large quantities in Pakistan.

      I am extremely happy to report that Mr. Kamal has achieved the impossible. Soon these development machines will be available in Karachi, with Xcode 6 pre-installed on them so that you can start development on them right away. Stay tuned we are testing the machines right now, so soon as we are sure about the quality we will let all of you know. From now on we will call these machines "Kamal Macs".

      Everyone please pray for Kamal in your Ramadan prayers, he has done a great service for all Pakistani students and developers. He will always be remembered as the person who started it all.
      All those who are interested in iPhone 6 and iWatch programming using Swift please join:

      Zia Khan