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4637[Warning] To All Our Past Students

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  • Zia Khan
    Oct 19, 2013
      After working with cutting edge startups in Silicon Valley for the last few month I have come to the conclusion that HTML5 and JavaScript is totally taking over the industry. The following technologies are being used:

      1. HTML5 
      2. JavaScript
      3. Node.js
      4. MongoDB
      5, Express
      6. Angular
      7. Bower
      8. Grunt
      9. Yeoman
      10. Git
      11. D3
      12. Three
      13. Cloud (PaaS)

      Also in the next few months shift towards HTML5 installed apps is underway in the form of Windows 8.1 Metro Apps and Chrome Desktop and Chrome Metro Apps. I suspect Firefox will also move in this direction in the near future. Apple is moving slowly deliberity like what Microsoft did in the last decade. They will suffer because of it in the next few years.

      From now on we will focus only on Microsoft, Google, and Firefox technologies. The browser is becoming the operating system on the client and cloud (Platform as a Service) is taking over the servers. 

      All my past students if you do not move right now you will be left totally behind. Please act right now or see your future destroyed becuase you were lazy.

      The best path is that you start learning these technologies at your own time. If you are having problems you can join my and Zeeshan Hanif's 201 class at 1:15 pm on Sundays in Sir Syed University. The class has just started.

      My job is done, now it in your choice. I did my duty now your future is in your hands.

      Your friend,