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Re: [hss_seattle_kk] Saumitra-ji, Shyam-ji visiting Seattle this week...

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  • Sivaram Kondamudi
    Namaste. Here are Shyam Parande ji s pravas details: Monday 1:30 PM Arrival at SeaTac - Pickup by Srinivas Penumaka and stay at Srinivas ji s residence 5:30
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      Here are Shyam Parande ji's pravas details:

      1:30 PM  Arrival at SeaTac - Pickup by Srinivas Penumaka and stay at Srinivas ji's residence
      5:30 PM - 7:00 PM  Meeting at Microsoft (with Ekal karyakartas) - Srinivas ji to accompany
      7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  Meeting at Prasadam Ballingam's Residence @ Redmond (with HSS, Sewa karyakartas)
      Night stay at Siva's place

      Breakfast at Sivaram's residence @ Bothell
      1:00 PM   Lunch meeting with HSS Yuva @ University - Shobhit ji to pickup at 12:30 from Sivaram's residence
      Stay at Shobhit ji's place until evening
      7:00 PM  Meeting with HSS Seattle Sanghachalak Sri. Kul Bhushan ji's residence @ Puyallup  (5:45 PM Pickup by Siva from Shobhit ji's place)
      9:00 PM  Shyam ji to retire for the night @ Hemanth Tanwar ji's residence

      7:00 AM  Departure to San Diego (Hemant ji to drop at SeaTac)


      From: Anil Kothari <avaneash@...>
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      Subject: [hss_seattle_kk] Saumitra-ji, Shyam-ji visiting Seattle this week...



      As we know, a couple of very senior karyakartas are visiting Seattle this week.

      Please see Saumitra-ji' s pravaas plan at the end of the email and give me your inputs ASAP, especially for Wed, Thu, and Fri this week. Shyam-ji's detailed pravaas plan will be sent by Siva-ji. Below is the introduction of both.

      Shyam Parande-ji:

      Sri Shyam Parande, a civil engineer by profession, he has dedicated his life in the service of needy inspired by Swami Vivekanada's call "Nara Sewa is Narayana Sewa". During 1977 deadly cyclone in Andhra Pradesh that devastated lives of millions, Sri Shyam personally supervised rehabilitation work and became responsible for construction of hundreds of houses in 5 villages in coastal Andhra. Sri Shyam has lived in Andhra Pradesh for more than 15 years involving in  thousands of Sewa Bharathi service  projects. 


      Sri Shyam has personally supervised and completed large and complex rehabilitation works  worth millions of dollars during Orissa cyclone, Latur earthquake and Gujarat earthquake helping thousands of affected persons resettle in life. Sri Shyam is currently working on the ground overseeing Tsunami rehabilitation work in India and Sri Lanka


      Presently Sri Shyam Parande is the Vishwa Vibhag Sewa Pramukh (international coordinator for Sewa) overseeing thousands of volunteers and numerous service activities in more than 15 countries including Europe, South East Asia and Americas.  He has presented many papers and articles on the need of service including  the “concept of Seva (Charity)” organized by Evangelical Protestant Congress in Frankfurt, Germary in January 2001.  Sri Shyamji Parande lives in Delhi with his wife Pragna and two young children named Chinmai and Shriya.

      Saumitra Gokhale-ji:

      Saumitra-ji comes from a long-time Sangh family in Pune, and started going to shakha in early childhood. He grew up taking different shakha responsibilities, starting from Gatanayak upto Mandal Pramukh (mandal is a section of nagar, consisting of 2-3 shakhas). After finishing his Bachelors degree in Metallurgical Engineering in 1993, he went to Canada to get his Masters degree. He came back to Pune in 1995, only breifly, before he decided to work full-time as "pracharak". He was sent to strengthen Sangh work in Jalgaon district first, and then in Thane district, both in Maharashtra.

      In 2001, he was deputed to work as a pracharak in the Carribean countries of Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and Surinam, where he built Sangh work at a phenomenal pace. Since, 2004, Saumitra-ji has been America Zone pracharak, inspiring karyakartas in USA, Canada, South America, and the Carribean countries.

      Saumitra-ji is unmarried, and has devoted his entire life to Sangh work. He is a personal mentor and guide for many of Seattle's past and present karyakartas, and continues to inspire all of us regularly.


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      From: Anil Kothari <anilkothari@ gmail.com>
      Date: Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 8:32 AM
      Subject: Suswagatam
      To: Saumitra Gokhale <saumitra.gokhale@ gmail.com>
      Cc: Sivaram Kondamudi <sivaram_kondamudi@ yahoo.com>

      Namaskar Saumitra,

      Suswagatam in Seattle!

      As I mentioned on phone, your pravaas will start with visiting Jugal-ji at the WA state capital - Olympia, where we have started a new shakha this month. Jugal-ji is acting Karyavaha, and Lava-ji Mukhya Shikshak. We also had a decent Ganesh Pooja by Kids there last Saturday. Jugal-ji's cell phone number is 916-752-2483. He will pick you up from the airport tonight.

      Upcoming pravaas schedule -

      Tue - (Day) Olympia karyakarta family visits
      Tue - (Eve) Dinner at Shri. Kul Bhushan-ji (Nagar Sanghachalak) , along w/Siva-ji, Shyam-ji
      Tue - (Nig) Stay with Shobhit

      Wed - (Day) Interactions with Yuva karyakartas with focus on "life-after- Shobhit"
      Wed - (Eve) TBD - mostly shakha karyakarta family in Maple Valley
      Wed - (Nig) TBD - mostly shakha karyakarta family in Maple Valley

      Thu - (Day) TBD
      Thu - (Eve) TBD - mostly shakha karyakarta family in Bellevue
      Thu - (Nig) TBD - mostly shakha karyakarta family in Bellevue

      Fri - TBD - mostly night stay with me; Visit Shaila Moushi in Redmond

      Sat - (Mor) TBD - Kishor sharirik varga
      Sat - (Noon) Drive to Yuva Varga

      Mon - (Eve) Dinner and stay with Lava-ji

      Tue - TBD - Mostly spend time with Siva-ji

      Wed - Drop off TBD

      Please let me know, if you can think of anything specific other than the above.





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