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57Seattle Nagar Karyakarta Varg Report - 2009

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  • Anil Kothari
    Dec 1, 2009

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      From: Hemant Tanwar <hemant_tanwar@...>

      Namaste All,

      We had Nagar Karyakarta Varg starting 20th November 2009 at 8.45 PM. The overnight varg happened at Jugal ji's house in Dupont/Olympia.

      Objective : This varg was kind of advance abhyas for Nagar Karyakarta taking activities for some time. So they can learn more and use it to train other karyakarta and effectively run their respective shakhas.

      Theme of the Varg: One day Shakha and every day sangh work


      Ankitji conducted innovative games on friday night Afterward the varg formally started with Anilji providing background and a talk on a need of giving up ego to get connected in sangh sutra. Followed by the introduction was Shivaramji and Jayantji conducting workshop on based on PP ShriGruruji' s life focused on punctuality, dedication and inspiration. This was follwed by Bhajans.

      Energetic Bhajan’s lead by Krishna-ji  and others were perfect and best suited before sleep.

      After formal day end, youths from  Washinghton University shakha started PP Mohanji's speech on Hindutva and Bharatiyatva given at an intellectual' s conference in  Gujarat . This talk continued till 11:45pm and every body slept at 2:45am to get up at 5:45 am.


      Morning 7am started with Ekatmata Stotra, Suryanamaskar and Yoga in two ganas - Keshav and Madhav. The focus was on conducting these activities. After the breakfast, there was Samata (Khanderao-ji conducted for one gana), then khel abhyas. Khanderao-ji conducted two charcha sessions on One day Shakha and Every Day Sangh work separately for the two ganas. After lunch there was a Prathana abhyas and workshop. The samarop karyakram was a QA followed by Khanderao-ji's samarop.

      The workshop on Saturday was very effective in bringing various view point. Two pair of karkartas were given two related topics, for example Paurush and Matratav ,  Seva and Charity , Electronic and personal contact.  

      Khanderao-ji’s baudhik was "to the point" and entertaining. the topic was “One day Shakha and every day sangh work”.  The discussion was charged up by karkarta’s interesting questions and Khanderao-ji’s humors answers.

      About 26 out of 35 apekshit Seattle karyakartas were present. Ramesh-ji from Portland also attended. Karyakartas from Vancouver could not attend.

      The energy and dedication of Shikshak and all the karyakartas was appreciable. All the shikshaks did an inspiring job in conducting the activities and attention to minute detail.


      Truptiji, Poojaji, Falguni-ji, Vasanta-ji and other sevikas managed the bhojan vyavastha seamlessly.

      Overall, the varga was a great learning and bonding experience for all.


      Hemant Tanwar

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