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51VijayaDashami Report

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  • Anil Kothari
    Oct 22, 2009
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      Written by Vasanta Suravajhela -

      HSS Balagokulam Shakhas in Seattle celebrated VijayaDashami together in a grand function that was attended by over 250 swayamsevaks, guests, and Bhutanese Hindu brothers. On Oct 11th, 2009, Vijayadashami Utsav, one of the important annual Sangha events, was celebrated at Crossroads Community Center in Bellevue, where karyakartas and participants from all 5 greater Seattle locations took part in a combined 4 hour program which was the culmination of weeks of conference calls, discussions and practice sessions. The Mukhya Shikshak and MCs ably conducted a program rich in variety, filled with music, songs, dance, shlokas, skits, niyudh, pyramid formations, yoga and shakti pradarshans of enthusiastic participants from all ganas-shishu, bala, mahila tarun, and purush. All the attendees of the function, including the guest speaker Shri Purushottamji (Sanghachalak from Vancouver, BC) and the guest speaker (Shri Kailas Tare from swadhyay parivar) were impressed by the variety and skill level of the performances.

      The bala and shishu of Shri Krishna Shakha started the event with Ganesha, Rama and Saraswati shlokas. The bala and shishu participants from Subramanya Bharati Shakha created the atmosphere of Devi puja by flawlessly reciting the Shakti shlokas “ya Devi sarvabhuteshu” and the young members of our newest Olympia shakha put up a wonderful dance to the tune of “Aigiri nandini” paying tributes to Devi, worshiped in many parts of India during Vijaydashami. They also presented an excellent rendition of ‘Shri Ramachandra Kripalu bhajamana”, reminding us of Ram’s victory over Ravan-another reason for celebration of this important Hindu festival. The bala and shishu particiants of Swami Vivekananda Shakha put up a skit on the birth of Ganesha with good acting skills and realistic costumes interspersed with interesting sound effects.

      Activities involving good physical posture, sharp reflexes and quick hand eye coordination are always emphasized at Sangha VijayaDashami Utsav, and this year too, we saw quite a few of them .The bala and purush of SV Shakha formed two beautiful pyramids, those of SB Shakha put up a well- coordinated padavinyas. Bala from all shakhas demonstrated niyudh, while the energetic Arjun shakha yuva swayamsevaks exhibited some spirited “Danda” moves. Mahila from SB Shakha performed a graceful yogchap dance, which again emphasizes good reflexes and coordination. Yoga pradarshan this year included Tadasan and Veerbhadrasan carried out by the mahila and purush of SV Shakha, Parshwakonasan, Vakrasan, Chakrasan, Natarajasan demonstrated by SB Shakha purush and the Suryanamaskar performed by all.

      The purush and mahila of  SK Shakha brought out their creative side with a skit on the destruction of Mahishasur by Durga while those of  SV Shakha put forward their singing skills with a medley of songs on Desh bhakti praising Bharat Mata. The program was enhanced by the melodiously sung “lead and follow” Sanskrit song “Shoora vayam”…. and the recitation of Ashtalakshmi stotram.

      In keeping with Sangha tradition Shastra Puja was performed by elders to tools of knowledge, music, and self-defense in modern life such as laptop etc. Purushottamji gave an informative boudhik on Vijaydashami and the importance of Ram in today’s world, also touching upon peaceful co-existence in a heterogeneous society of people with varied religious beliefs. The guest speaker Tarejii was all praise for Sangha and its activities. The program concluded with a well-said Amrutvachan and Prarthana and the Mukhya Shikshak giving the final commands.

      All this activity definitely whetted everyone’s appetite and the delicious food prepared by volunteers from Sanatan Dharma Hindu temple in Maple Valley and those of SV and Olympia shakas was enjoyed and appreciated by all.

      The highlights of this event as suggested by karyakartas were-
      1.    Starting on time smooth execution of programs and fast clean up.
      2.    Good performance of sound system-idea of purchasing one for sangha use discussed.
      3.    Good quality and quantity of food-kudos to temple volunteers, SV and Olympia Shakha volunteers for standing outdoors on a cold windy day and rolling over 1000 puris. Kudos to all who helped in packing, transporting, and later cleanup and dish washing.
      4.    No shulka for attending keeping in view the economic times.
      5.    Attendance of Bhutanese bandhus
      6.    Variety and order of various programs added to enjoyment and learning.

      The successful organization of this event was another feather in the cap of Seattle Nagar event organizers.

      Pictures @ http://chapters.hssus.org/seattle/

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      Please find the Vijaydashmi Ustav report attached to this mail.



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