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48Celebrating Deepaavali (Diwali) at your work place!!

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  • lava_basavapatna
    Oct 9, 2009
      Sounds Good!

      Our goal is promoting Deepaavali as a National festival in US. We have been celebrating Diwali as 'the Indian Socio Cultural Festival" at work place. We take this opportunity to share about India, Indian lifestyle, culture, diversity, and so on with other employees.

      I discussed with Sivaji this afternoon; he also liked the idea. I have already initiated 'Diwali at workplace' with my managers. They liked it and expecting to get permission from higher management early next week.

      To begin with, I already have some materials but not enough. I need your support and help. We all work together, we can share our common thoughts, ideas, and materials.

      What you can do? why don't you celebrate at your workplace. I am very confident that your colleagues would love it and appreciate your efforts.


      Lava B