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44Shobhit's farewell

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  • Anil Kothari
    Sep 14 12:02 PM

      As we may be knowing, our nagar yuva pramukh - Shobhit is moving to Bharat for good on Sat, Sep 19th. Yuva are planning a potluck farewell for him this Friday evening. Please mark your calendars if you would like to join in wishing him goodbye. I will send an evite separately with potluck details in a day or two.

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      Attaching his short parichay too –


      • Originally from Hyderabad ; B Tech from IIT, Mumbai
      • Came to Seattle in 2004 to pursue MS degree in CS
      • Associated with HSC first, then Hindu YUVA (along with Parag-ji) since 2005
      • Was inspired by Shri. Shyam Parande-ji’s presentation about Yuva for Sewa in late 2005; Went to Surinam as a YFS volunteer in early 2006 for a month and a half
      • Held various Sangh responsibilities in Seattle and beyond –
        • 2006: KBRE co-ordinator for Seattle nagar
        • 2006 – 07: Yuva shakha karyavaha
        • Sep 2006: Led the publication of Tattva, the first online Hindu youth magazine
        • 2007 onwards – YFS national co-ordinator
        • 2008 – Yuva shakha palak
        • 2009 – Nagar yuva pramukh
      • Employed at Amazon since 2006
      • Pratham varsh shikshit from US

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      From: Shobhit Mathur <shobhit.mathur@...>

      I am leaving on September 19th morning. I will be at home for a week till Dusshera and catch up with relatives.

      Thereafter, I am planning to visit NE India. Specifically, Guwahati and Arunachal and meet our pracharak Vijay Swami ji.
      I am also planning to visit Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh (http://www.chitrakoot.org). It is a very novel project and I have heard lots of good words about it.

      After a good 1 month break, I will join Banyan and Zreyas venture advisory firm in middle of October. They are located in Hyderabad. I will specifically look into advising Social ventures. It is a brand new startup, started by few of our swayamsevaks.

      Doctor ji, provided a simple and scalable solution for uniting the Hindu Society i.e. Shakha. In the long term, I would like to choose a socio-economic problem (health care/primary education/poverty/etc) and provide a similar simple and scalable solution for that or help in propagating an existing solution.

      “Life is a sum of all your choices.”