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43Report: Saumitra-ji's Seattle pravaas

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  • Anil Kothari
    Sep 9, 2009
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      Our Saumitra-ji recently completed his 9-day pravaas of Seattle , and left to Denver this morning. For many of us, it was an inspiring and morale-boosting pravaas, as always. Saumitra-ji extensively travelled across the length and breadth of Seattle nagar, and also attended the West Coast Sambhag Yuva Varga, hosted and organized by Arjun shakha.


      He arrived on Monday, Aug 31st, and stayed with Jugal-ji and Lava-ji in Olympia . On Tuesday, Lava-ji had arranged a lunch meeting with local families. Same evening, Saumitra-ji had dinner with our nagar Sanghachalak, Shri. Kul Bhushan-ji, accompanied by Siva-ji, Shyam Parande-ji, and Jugal-ji. After night stay with Shobhit-ji, Saumitra-ji met most of the yuva karyakartas in Seattle individually on Wednesday, and provided guidance on challenges in the University Sangh work. In the evening, Girish-ji had organized a dinner baithak at Krishna-ji’s house with Swami Vivekananda shakha karyakartas. In that, Saumitra-ji gave a glimpse of Sangh work in USA and cleared many doubts that the karyakartas had. On Thursday, he met Amish-ji and Falguni-ji of the same shakha, and later went to Jayant-Shruti-ji’s house. On Friday, Saumitra-ji met with Snehal and Anil over lunch. Subramanya Bharati shakha had arranged a dinner meeting of karyakartas in the evening, which turned out to be very informative and jovial, especially after Jugal-ji’s family joined for the night. On Saturday morning, Saumitra-ji had a delicious breakfast with Rama-ji’s family, and later left for the Yuva Varga in Lewis and Clark State Park .


      During the Yuva Varga, Saumitra-ji gave a couple of very inspiring bouddhiks. One of them was on “Hinduism and other paths”. In this, he outlined the basic universal principles of Hinduism that would make the world a better place to live in, if followed by Hindus. The Yuva Varga ended in an upbeat mood on Monday afternoon.


      On Monday evening, Jugal-ji and Lava-ji had arranged an interaction of Saumitra-ji with the swayamsevak families coming to Olympia shakha. On Tuesday, he met with Siva-ji during the day, and interacted with Shri Krishna shakha karyakarta families in Bothell at Madhu-ji’s home in Snohomish. This morning, Siva-ji dropped him off at the airport.


      Overall, Saumitra-ji’s pravaas focused on informal interactions with different shakha karyakarta families. His interaction with all of us and its impact on us highlights the importance of “samparka” as the most effective part of our work!!