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36RE: [hss_seattle_shikshaks] Fw: Questions by VVY vidyarthis

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  • EXI-Yadav, Navin K
    Jul 27, 2009
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      Sorry please disregard this. It was intended for Jayant Jee only.

      From: EXI-Yadav, Navin K
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      Subject: RE: [hss_seattle_shikshaks] Fw: Questions by VVY vidyarthis


      Where r you? Chiropractor was looking for you.

      From: Jayant Pant [mailto:jayant_ shruti@yahoo. com]
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      Subject: Re: [hss_seattle_ shikshaks] Fw: Questions by VVY vidyarthis



      From: Anil Kothari <avaneash@yahoo. com>
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      Subject: [hss_seattle_ shikshaks] Fw: Questions by VVY vidyarthis


      VVY = Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana, a project conducted for kishors in Bay Area every summer


      --- On Wed, 7/22/09, Nishank Trivedi <nishanktrivedi@ yahoo.com> wrote:


      During last weekend's VVY varg, a karyashala was devoted to questions kishor/kishoris had about Sangh and what could be the possible answer. Anupam ji, Raviji and myself tried to answer them too. Below are few of those questions. Answers are written by a vidyarthi as she understood.
      Kindly provide your inputs too.


      Why do we say "sangh arama" only once in the whole acharpadhati (before the dhwaj is put up)?
      - The sequence of agyas is: "sangha samyak" and then "agresar ardhavrut." After this since you are addressing the whole sanghasthan, not just the agresars, you say "sangh arama."
      - Before this point, you are giving agyas to different people - agresars, rest of the people, etc. Before you put up the dhwaj is the first time everyone is sanghastan is together as a whole.
      - After "sangha samyak" and "agresar ardhavrut" is given, the agresars may have shifted a bit. When "sangh arama" is given it gives the agresars a chance to adjust a bit before "sangh daksha" is given.
      Can you dye your hair, have tattoos, or have piercings in shakha?
      - They are okay to have to a certain extent. You should not use them to draw attention to yourself because you are still a part of a whole in shakha. For example, if you have tattoos on your arms, you should try to wear long-sleeve shirts to refrain from causing a distraction.
      - They are permitted as long as they are not obscene or inappropriate.
      Why is ganavesh black and white and not any other color?
      - Since sangh does sewa and helps the community, it has adopted black pants because they don't get dirty very easily.
      - The white shirt represents purity, peace, and unity.
      - Just a simple dress/color
      On our ganavesh, why do we have a picture of a lion?
      - It is the logo of sangh
      - "Swayameva Mrugendrata" aptly describes a swayamsevak
      - Doctorji's walking stick had a lion and the phrase "Swayameva Mrugendrata" on it too?
      Why do we have "so much" and "so difficult" samata?
      - It teaches discipline, unity, cooperation, teamwork...
      - The discipline learned through samata is an exercise.
      - Develops skills such as concentration and memorization (remembering what to do for each agaya)

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