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  • I came across this workshop announcement for July 21st. Looks like it's free. Mike http://www.harcresearch.org/announcement/HARC_and_SECO_present_workshop_Water_Energy_Best_Practices_July_21
    Mike Ewert Jul 3, 2016
  • That is the way I would interpret it. Mike From: "William Swann william.swann2@^$1 [hreg]" To: "HREG" Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2016 9:47:53 AM Subject: Re: [hreg] Good talk about the role of batteries in a low carbon future. Thanks to the early adopters. I do not understand this statement " It combines a 4.3-MW photovoltaic systems and a 7-MW/3-MWh storage management system that...
    Mike Ewert May 19, 2016
  • From: "Pamela Groce" To: "Pamela Groce" Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2016 1:57:04 PM Subject: Summer Solar PV Training/Workshop Series Please help us share the news about the upcoming Summer Solar PV Training Series Financing Solar Energy Systems Workshop This workshop will bring together commercial and multi-family property owners and lenders to discuss available rebates and tax...
    Mike Ewert May 13, 2016
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  • Here is what a new study from UT has to say: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-03-31/when-will-rooftop-solar-be-cheaper-than-the-grid?int=a14709∫=a21a09∫=a2ab09
    Mike Ewert Apr 29, 2016
  • At first I thought we were way off topic, but then I thought "What's more renewable than life?" So, whether you believe that random evolution or intelligent design caused life to form, thank you to all who are contributing to this discussion in an open minded and non-attacking way. Thanks especially to the person who pointed out the work of Stephen Meyer. I watched several videos...
    Mike Ewert Feb 8, 2015
  • Since I got a $400 electric bill today, it seems like a good time to study this website and pass it along. I remember a year when my electric bill didn't get over $100. Those were the days. DOE has launched a new Web site with detailed information and tips on how to save money by developing smart energy habits. The site, www.EnergySavingTips.gov , serves as a consumer-friendly...
    Mike Ewert Jul 11, 2005
  • ...page: www.TXSES.org American Solar Energy Society home page: www.ASES.org Take a look and join today - you'll make a difference!!! Mike Ewert President, Houston R enewable Energy Group P.S. Chapter support of the state group was one topic discussed at the Chapter Leaders...
    Mike Ewert Jul 4, 2005
  • As the lack of responses to your question indicates, heat pump water heaters are pretty rare. I have only read of them. If the electricity to natural gas price ratio went down, then they could become more popular. Remember that a gas water heater converts gas to heat at about 80% efficiency and a power plant converts gas to electricity at about 40% efficiency (both approx. #'s) so...
    Mike Ewert Jul 4, 2005
  • HREG received a survey of interest about geothermal energy. An SMU group is setting up a network for discussion of geothermal energy in Texas. If anyone would like to participate on behalf of HREG, please let me know and I will forward the information. I will not have time myself. Mike mewert@^$1
    Mike Ewert Jun 19, 2005
  • HREG has been invited to exhibit at Baylor College of Medicine's 1st Earth Fair on Monday June 27 from 10am - 2pm. Please let me know if you would be willing to represent us at a booth. Thank you, Mike mewert@^$1
    Mike Ewert May 31, 2005