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solar powered air conditioners and salt reserve....and then some...

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  • evelyn sardina
    ... From: Team TreeHugger Subject: the Power Issue: More Drilling! says Jindal. Solar Alternatives. Bicycle Driven Cellphones To:
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      From: Team TreeHugger <newsletter@...>
      Subject: the Power Issue: "More Drilling!" says Jindal. Solar Alternatives. Bicycle Driven Cellphones
      To: evelynsardina@...
      Date: Friday, June 4, 2010, 7:38 AM

      TreeHugger Newsletter
      Our obsession with oil becomes so transparent when even the Governor of Louisiana is calling for more drilling, because of the jobs it creates in his state. Or when you look at what happens in other countries like Nigeria. Fortunately there are alternatives, some realistic (like solar powered air conditioning) and some fanciful (like solar farms on the moon)

      In your guts, you know he's nuts. WTF: Louisiana Governor Calls for More Offshore Drilling

      Over here? Big Deal. Over there? Who cares. Gulf Spill Just A Drop In The Bucket Compared To What Happens Every Day, Everywhere Else

      Here's a plausible alternative. Luna Ring: A Giant Solar Power Plant on the Moon

      Doesn't look like much but it is a very big deal.  Solar Air Powered Air Conditioning Comes To Dubai

      Cheap charger for cheap phones another big deal.  Nokia Unveils Eco Profiles of Every Device, and Bike-Powered Cell Phone Charger

      The future of the kitchen: maybe not. Lessons From Apartment Therapy's Small, Cool Kitchen Competition

      Artists go hammer and tong: 1 Set of Ceramic Speakers, 10 Artists. Including David Lynch, Tobias Wong

      Leonora is enraptured: Can We Use Biomimicry To Design Cities? Janine Benyus Says Yes

      New technologies closing gap for those with disabilities: 8 Incredible Health Innovations That Transform Lives

      What if the Alaska Pipeline blew up?

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