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Fwd: Utility-Scale Solar Ramps Up: May 2010 issue

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    Looks like some pretty interesting articles in Solar Today this month. This is a good time to encourage all you HREG members to also join at the state:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2010
      Looks like some pretty interesting articles in Solar Today this month.  This is a good time to encourage all you HREG members to also join at the state: http://www.txses.org/solar/content/join-us
      and national levels (see button below).

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      Don't miss these features from the May issue of
      SOLAR TODAY. Also, you can download this issue in PDF and Google Gears formats. Start here >

      CSP, Nevada Solar One
      Bold, Decisive Times for Concentrating
      Solar Power

      By David Kearney, Ph.D., and Fred Morse, Ph.D.
      In the mid-1980s, implementation of concentrating solar power (CSP) technology was progressing ahead steadily but slowly. The field consisted of a few moderately sized industrial-process heat projects, technology research and development at the national energy labs and the 10-megawatt (MW) prototype Solar One power tower near Barstow, Calif. And then there was Luz ... read on >

      Pullen Baptist ChurchGreening the Faithful
      By Richard Crume
      If you were to single out the most energy-wasteful building in your neighborhood, chances are it would be your local house of worship. With high ceilings, old doors and single-pane windows, many churches, synagogues, mosques and temples are anything but energy efficient. Fortunately, congregations across America are greening their facilities - and educating local communities about energy conservation in the process ... read on >

      Bloom BoxHOWZIT WORK?
      Bloom Box: The Reversible Methane Fuel Cell
      By Seth Masia
      The Bloom Box made a spectacular entrance to the market in February, with a 10-minute segment on "60 Minutes" followed by a press conference covered nationally. The box looks like a conventional fuel cell, with a stack of catalytic plates that oxidize a wide range of fossil or renewable fuels to produce heat, electricity and CO2. To the extent that the fuel is produced ... read on >

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