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RE: [hreg] Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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  • Tyra Rankin
    William: Thank you for the lecture by Dr. Dickson on CO2 acidification of oceans. Fantastic lecture, his references to the Monaco Declaration and the Norwegian
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      Thank you for the lecture by Dr. Dickson on CO2 acidification of oceans.   Fantastic lecture, his references to the Monaco Declaration and the Norwegian film are great additional materials. 


      We simply can’t allow industry to do business in the way that BP has any longer.  BP’s track record, including the refinery explosion in Texas City , the corrosion/pipeline leak in Alaska and Horizon all reflect an ongoing pervasive company wide endemic culture and practice of putting cost above safety and environment.


      Texas dismantled TXU in the face of its plan to build 13 new coal plants using old technologies that would have harmed our environment.  We can do the same with BP.  BP is a bandit; how much more will we allow them to rob and plunder?



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      Well, I for one am really pissed off. We have been drilling and developing and paying for technology for almost what 150 years? BP says they never ran scenarios for this size of accident? What a bunch of kelp!! Millions and millions of years of evolution and the only remedy man can come up with when we've spilled something is to burn it?!! Utterly ridiculous, now I know there is higher intelligence in other solar systems, they refuse to come to our planet cause we're idiots!!

       Next come the lies. The day of the explosion and sinking of Deepwater Horizon the Coast Guard Admiral herself in her nationwide interview says, "we don't know how but there is no leaking happening at this well head." Six hours later it turns out there is a small leak 4100 gallons a day but they're working to stop it. Six more hours, BP tells the Coasties there is actually 3 major leaks 210,000 gallons a day. Kind of sounds like Katrina doesn't it?

       We can put a four-wheel-drive on the Martian surface, take hi-res photos, take samples and tests, hell, change the oil and tune-it up all by remote control from millions of miles away! And we can't cap a well in 5000 feet of water on Earth?

       I hope and pray that this develops some new industries with some American know-how to develop vehicles/systems to clean up and reuse this mess and charge the hell out of the oil and exploration companies. I have emailed the Admiral of the Coasties, signed petitions to halt future drilling until there are safe guards in place for this kind of disaster, am currently writing articles and collecting people minds for a way to stop this madness. Yes I can hear the collective groan of the people who think drilling is the right thing to do, and, I admit we do need an energy policy but not at the coast of everyone elses livlihood. I am a fisherman, a naturalist, a surfer and a sailor. Water makes up more than seventy percent of our world and look what we are doing to it. Put together a scenario with a accident like this, coupled with a hurricane and resultant dead weather that follows a hurricane, with oil plastered everywhere then igniting. What a virtual hell that would be, but not very far from impossible either.

      Pray for higher intelligence,

                                            William Stange


      From: Steven Shepard <sbtdesigns@yahoo. com>
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      The spill is following the current of the GOM and is floating eastward.  How much of Texas will be affected remains to be seen.  We have plenty of active and inactive rigs off our own coast. It is just a matter of time before one of them goes and causes us similar problems.  The oil industry has had its way with our planet and our economy way too long.

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      Subject: [hreg] Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
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      Talking Point:


      While I am all for free enterprise and an assortment of energy and transportation processes, this recent oil situation in the GOM is going to fundamentally change how many people feel about the use of oil/petroleum based products. I feel that now is the time to weigh the risk vs reward of offshore drilling and the potential devastation that can and WILL be brought upon the local ecosystems as a result.


      All of us members of the HREG are on the right track, and can help aid in the transformation of how America proceeds with not only de penden ce of foreign oil, but oil in general. We can either ruin our own ecosystems, ruin other nation's ecosystems or cut it all out completely.


      I have never been against offshore drilling, or even oil for that matter, but living in Galveston and seeing what could potentially harm our way of life for decades to come has opened my own eyes...and hopefully will open others.




      Justin Owens
      Gulf Coast Renewable Resources
      www.GulfCoastRenewa bleResources. com
      justin@gulfcoastren ewableresources. com


    • Ed Sarlls
      Same problem - a disagreement on the rig about the better course of action. The company man I m not sure which one vetoed the driller s recommendation (on
      Message 74 of 74 , Jun 5, 2010
        Same problem - a disagreement on the rig about the better course of action. The "company man" I'm not sure which one vetoed the driller's recommendation (on IXTOC) to cut the string above the drill collars and let the collars fall to the bottom for recovery after the well was brought under control.  At least that is what a driller told me on a rig one night in Montana.
        The BOP shear rams wouldn't then and won't now cut through drill collars.
        Human error (Major Screw-up) seems to be common to a lot of major disasters. I believe that the problems on Horizon extends through many years of government regulations, "industry recommended practices", well design, events on the rig leading up to the fatal night.
        There are several interviews on youtube in anyone can stand to watch.
        As sad as it may be - this will happen again if we don't learn from this.
        Ed Sarlls, Jr.
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        I am being careful not to encite a debate but this is too good not to share. Let me know your thoughts, let your politcians know your thoughts too. Deja Vu?

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