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RE: [hreg] Re: TX Bottle Bill

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  • Robert Johnston
    Interesting angle I wasn’t aware of. So you’re saying our DWI laws actually encourage chucking the bottle out the window? Wow. Another example of the
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 11, 2010

      Interesting angle I wasn’t aware of.  So you’re saying our DWI laws actually encourage chucking the bottle out the window?  Wow.  Another example of the law of unintended consequences.



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      Growing up in Canada, I thought deposits on bottle were normal. Moving
      to Texas in my late 30s taught me the value of those deposits. They are
      not a tax, they are a deposit. Take the bottles back and get your money
      back. However, the law that says a DWI with an empty container in the
      vehicle has a stiffer sentence than a DWI without the bottle, is the
      reason for the tire busters. It is a poorly thought out law that causes
      more problems than it solves.

      Way back in my college days, one of the guys had his apartment furnished
      with empty beer cases. There must have been 500 cases in there. [In
      Canada a case is 12 bottles] When they raised the deposit from $0.30 to
      $0.60 he cashed them all in and paid his tuition for the next semester.
      And then scrounged some actual furniture.

      Bright Blessings,

      > As a bicyclist I probably pay about $150 in “bottle taxes” every year
      > already. I think $0.10 isn’t enough (we had that in Michigan 35 years
      > ago, and I know there has been a wee bit of inflation since then).
      > They should charge at least $0.25 each so that the incentive is
      > greater. Then maybe I’ll finally start seeing fewer broken bottle
      > “tire busters” on the roadways.
      > R
      > __

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