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    Recycling is one great way to reduce energy consumption! ... From: patsy gillham To: bnew1@live.com Sent: Friday, February
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      Recycling is one great way to reduce energy consumption!
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      Subject: TX Bottle Bill please consider for your newsletteer

      Article on Texas Bottle Bill 2011 Campaign.  questions call Patsy Gillham 281 469 1966
      Take 'Em Back, Texas, A Cleaner State of Mine!  One Dime at a Time!
      This is the slogan for the Texas Bottle Bill 2011 Campaign. Mike Garver, the Buffalo Bayou Trash Man,  http://www.khou.com/news/local/Bottle-bill-would-help-reduce-trash-in-Texas--85000312.html  has intitiated a beverage container recycling effort to go before the 2011 legislature.  11 other states have been collecting 75%-85% of their beverage containers for the past 20 years!  How? They use a deposit system to encourage recycling and it works in every state!
      Plastic Pollution Texas, founded by Mike,supports a 10c deposit/refund on all aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers...that's right all!  The framework of the bill would set up free standing redemption centers, so that profit and non profit entrepreneurs could refund bottles conveniently, and make a profit for themselves or their organization.  The clean feedstock resulting from these redemption centers, as in the other states, will pull in processors that are waiting for the materials.  It will keep jobs in Texas, and recylables in the USA!  Environmentally, it will decrease the GHG emissions, decrease the need for oil, de-litter the waterways and public areas, divert tonnage away from landfills, address sustainabiltiy in Texas.  You can help right now, today, by letting the legislators that will be voting for you know that you are in favor of a Bottle Bill for Texas and you want them to vote for one too!
      Now is the time to prime the political pump, and it will pave the way for us to speak for you!  How quick can you click?  www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us    More details on Bottle bills at www.bottlebill.org and our website is www.plasticpollutiontexas.com. We have filed for a 501c3 and accept donations!
      We do presentations, contact us at patsyg@...  281-469 1966 or mary.w@plasticpollutiontexas
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