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Re: [hreg] Re: AC Estimates

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  • Mike and Barbara McGinity
    Our two double splits are 9,000 BTU, for a total of 18,000 for our not large house. I love being able to zone the house and just run the one in our bedroom at
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      Our two double splits are 9,000 BTU, for a total of 18,000 for our not
      large house. I love being able to zone the house and just run the one in
      our bedroom at night. Our older house was not designed for central air
      so this was better than trying to put a system in, but since we can zone
      the house better, I like it much more. We have enough coverage that
      during the hottest weekends in August we often turn them all up to 80
      and are very comfortable.

      We put these in about 6 years and it was tough to find them. That is why
      I bought them from a company in New York shipped to the house. We found
      an AC guy who knew ONE person who had put one in a beauty shop. We have
      never had a problem. I think the instructions are pretty straight
      forward for an experienced AC person to do if they want. I do know one
      AC company who might be willing to install if anyone wants their number
      to discuss.

      Barbara McGinity

      Kevin Conlin wrote:
      > I recently had a 24,000BTU split system, two zone heat pump installed
      > on our community clubhouse. We bought the equipment online for about
      > $3K and had it installed for another $1200. It was hard to find a
      > contractor experienced with the split systems, however, and we had
      > most quote a conventional system for a higher cost.
      > Rather than admit ignorance, they did their best to talk us out of
      > something they weren't familiar with. Funny how that works.......they
      > don't know enough to sell or install them, but become instant experts
      > in recommending a "better" alternative that costs more initially,
      > costs more to install, and costs more to operate.
      > We bought a Mitsubishi and it works great, and is so quiet you can't
      > tell if it's running unless you look at the LED's. The remote controls
      > are very handy, but take a few minutes to learn because the split
      > systems can do a lot more than a conventional on/off thermostat.
      > If I was building a house from scratch, I would use them. They do have
      > the added benefit of being low enough power draw that they can be run
      > on batteries in an emergency, and no ductwork in this climate seems
      > like a good idea.
      > Overall I think they're a very good idea.
      > Kevin Conlin
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      > ?
      > The Daikin brand of split & ductless heat pumps has its national
      > headquarters and training center in Richardson, near Dallas.
      > We just built a new home with one outdoor Daikin unit running 3
      > separate ducted air handlers inside. Two downstairs and one upstairs.
      > Money well spent.
      > www.daikin.com <http://www.daikin.com>
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      > We have ductless sytems by Fujitisu, but there are several brands
      > you can get in the US. I actually ordered mine from
      > www.ajmadison.com out of New York. They work really great for our
      > 57 year old ranch style house. We have two double units, one on
      > each end of the house.
      > I do understand from previous posts and discussions about these
      > air conditioners that here are some ventilation issues to
      > consider. Maybe the person who posted that before will reply or
      > you can research it.
      > Barbara McGinity
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      > Susan M. posted: I'm looking to get some estimates to replace my
      > ac in my apartment."
      > Sue: at yesterday's HREG meeting I was pleasantly surprised to see
      > that the "cabin" based on a 20-foot container sported a "split
      > system" AC made (methinks) in Houston (!!) (pictures I took are
      > attached). I had seen and admired those overseas. No ducts, and
      > each has a remote control to set temperature and vent opening and
      > movement. I knew that Japanese units are being marketed in the US
      > by Mitsubishi. Also, last year's solar tour included a house with
      > such a unit, from China.
      > See more about the Goodman units at:
      > http://www.goodmanmfg.com/Home/Products/MiniSplitSystems/tabid/607/Default.aspx
      > ... and let us know what you learn!
      > Ariel
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