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RE: [hreg] Electric cars produce twice as much CO2 as gasoline powered vehicles?

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  • Russell Warren
    While I agree that if people think a zero-emissions vehicle is actually non-polluting, they are extremely ignorant of where electricity comes from. That
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      While I agree that if people think a "zero-emissions" vehicle is actually non-polluting, they are extremely ignorant of where electricity comes from.
      That being said, I would have a hard time believing that those numbers are correct.  It could be possible looking at strictly the coal to produce electricity to move the car the same amount as a gallon of gas.
      However, how much energy is used to truck the gas from the refinery to the gas station?  How much to refine that gallon of gas from oil?  How much to transport the oil from the rig...how much to power the rig...how much to build the rig...to power the engineering and manufacturers building...to drive to work to design a rig...etc...etc...
      The actual math is very complex...so much so that I doubt it could actually be done.
      I think the hope is that with more electric vehicles, we are dependent on electricity, of which we have a lot of resource in the US, and become less dependent on oil, of which we don't have a lot of local resource.
      We can spend less money on foreign wars, and put that money into building clean and renewable energy in the US.
      Further, electricity is cheaper than gas, and will ultimately help our economy.
      Eventually we would hope that solar panels and wind farms would power all our electric vehicles.  I guess we first need solar panel and wind turbine manufacturers to run 100% on solar or wind power themselves, but baby steps are good.
      The fact is economic demand will push us to a renewable and clean energy policy far before moral outrage will.  Electric vehicles will create an economic demand.
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      A letter to the editor in today's Chronicle quotes "a recent article in National Geographic that with a coal-fired energy source, a zero emissions electric vehicle actually is responsible for more than twice the amount of carbon dioxide as produced by a conventionally powered gasoline vehicle."
      If this is so, do we still want to drive these "clean" vehicles? Here is a link to the article (scroll down to the 5th letter "A Fly in the Ointment")
      Charlie Mauch

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