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Re: [hreg] FW: Tell EPA to Stop the Texas Coal Rush

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    Warren, I appreciate that you are being practical and I agree that we have to look at the economics. But as Tyra pointed out very well, we also have to push
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      I appreciate that you are being practical and I agree that we have to look at the economics.  But as Tyra pointed out very well, we also have to push things away from business as usual.  How clean are coal plants required to be in Texas now?  I'm curious; I really don't know.  I'm sure it's better than the old ones, but I know there is no limit on CO2 emissions yet.

      As for what renewables and efficiency can realistically do (given favorable policies that level the playing field with coal), a very good source is the ASES report on climate change.

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      Although I am skeptical, if we are down in Electricity usage, it has as much to do with us being in a recession as it does of us being more energy efficient.
      A lot of my customers have units sitting idle, and I can tell you that once we come out of the recession and people need more gas, beauty products, plastic bottles, etc they will be going full force again.
      This is also probably the reason our pollution is down 2%.
      Furthermore a lot of my customers also are now generating their own power off-grid, so the numbers that are released by the major producers, are not entirely indicative of what is going on.
      I honestly am on your side.  I have customers in oil & gas, and I also have customers who are in the solar power, and wind energy market as well. 
      I attended the meetings for our Houston 10MW power plant.  Do you know that among that projects initial proposals was to put it in a Water treatment facility just to offset the 6MW of power that the facility uses?
      Again our city's huge victory in renewable energy is enough to generate power for maybe 2 water plants.
      Do you have a solar system at your house that generates 100%+ of your energy consumption?  If you do, that's awesome...I bet only a handful on this list do.   If not, why not?   Where does your other power come from?
      I personally would rather take the 30,40, and yes even 50+ year old power plants, which are grand fathered right around all our pollution laws, and put in a new clean efficient plant that is subject to all of today's rules and regulations.  Even if we are stable or declining in our electrical usage this is still going to be a necessity.  Those old plants are going to have their permits expire, crap out, or worse.
      Now try putting a few GE 1.5MW wind turbines up in your sub-division.  See how far that goes...  If we want to spend some political energy...why don't we start there? 
      If people want to make a difference, the best way you can do so is through your pocketbook.  The next time you think about buying that BMW, maybe buy the Corolla instead, and use the difference for more Solar Panels for your roof.  THAT will make a difference.

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