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FW: Renewable Energy - The Infinite Power of Texas Education Cam paign Launch April 1, 2001

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  • Lafleur, Oral
    Hello HREG members! Good news for Texas! This information will definitely benefit us here in Houston, as far as education is concerned. Also, please do not
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2001
      Hello HREG members!
      Good news for Texas!  This information will definitely benefit us here in Houston, as far as education is concerned.
      Also, please do not forget the Earth Day event coming up on Saturday April 7.   Hope to see most of you there.
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      Subject: Renewable Energy - The Infinite Power of Texas Education Campaign Launch April 1, 2001

      Hi Oral,
      It was great talking with you today, I'm glad we were able to catch up a bit.  As I mentioned, I'm sending you the announcement about SECO's Infinite Power of Texas Renewable Energy education campaign (both in the body of this email and as an attachment so you can forward it to people as you think is best).  Let me know if you'd like any help setting up publicity events (like talking on radio stations, etc.) -- we'd love to help!
      Please forward this to all those in the HREG group (they may also receive it through TXSES, but hopefully they won't mind!).  Take care!
      -- Jaya
      Jaya Pichumani
      Conservation Services Group
      Tel:  512-327-6830 ext. 101
      Fax: 512-327-2553
      The new Infinite Power renewable energy education campaign officially kicks off this Sunday, April 1, with a press announcement from Texas Comptroller Carol Keeton Rylander. This is the second phase of the State Energy Conservation Office’s campaign, implemented by Conservation Services Group, which began in 1997.  The purpose of the campaign is to educate Texans about the availability and advantages of using the state's abundant renewable energy resources now and in the future. Radio spots begin airing all over the state, Monday, April 2 (see the station list below). Television spots (as public service announcements) will begin airing around the state soon as well.
      The messages encourage listeners and viewers to check out the updated website, www.infinitepower.org, for more detailed information about renewable energy. The new website will "go live" on Monday, April 2 (you will not be able to access it before then), with detailed information about how to incorporate renewable energy into our everyday lives, what's happening around the state, new renewable energy projects and lots more information.
      For those of you familiar with the original campaign, revisions/additions include:
      -          Updated and new fact sheets (available now)
      -          Lesson plans for teachers and home schoolers to accompany the kids fact sheets (available soon)
      -          Updated video narrated by Dan Rather (available soon)
      We’re calling those who could benefit the most from the success of the campaign (you!) to help get the word out.  Some ways you could help are:
      -          talk to appropriate community groups
      -          visit local schools and talk with teachers and students
      -          offer to talk on radio and/or news shows as an expert in the field (we can help set this up for you if you are interested)
      -          tell all your family, friends and coworkers about all the resources available to them through the campaign.
      We want this campaign to reach as many people as possible so that all Texans are aware of our plentiful renewable energy resources, and that they have the power to make a difference.  Thanks for helping make this campaign a success!
      If you’d like more information about the campaign, please contact:
      Jaya Pichumani
      Conservation Services Group
      Email:  jaya.pichumani@...
      Tel: 512-327-6830 ext. 101
      Radio Station List By City
      Austin market - 1 week starting April 2
      KLBJ (93.7 FM, Rock), KKMJ (95.5 FM, Adult contemporary), KEYI-FM (103.5 FM, Oldies), KFMK-FM (105.9 FM, “Jammin’ Oldies”)
      McAllen/Brownsville/Harlingen market - 2 weeks starting April 2 and April 9
      KTEX (100.3 FM, Country), KVLY (107.9 FM, Adult Contemporary), KKPS (99.5 FM, Tejano)
      Beaumont market - - 2 weeks starting April 2 and April 9
      KLVI (560 AM, news/talk), KYKR (95.1 FM, NPR/country), KKMY (104.5 FM, Adult contemporary)
      Lubbock market - 2 weeks starting April 2 and April 9
      KLLL (96.3 FM, 590 AM, Country), KONE (101.1 FM, Classic rock)
      Dallas market - 2 weeks starting April 2 and April 9
      KSCS (96.3 FM, Country), WBAP (820 AM, news/talk)
      Houston market - 2 weeks starting April 2 and April 9
      KLDE-FM (107.5 Oldies), KHPT-FM (106.9 The Point), KILT-FM (100.3 Country)
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