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ASES - Solar Grants & Recovery Act Funding

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    This is probably the best advertising I can do for the American Solar Energy Society. As a chapter of Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES), which is a chapter of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2009
      This is probably the best advertising I can do for the American Solar Energy Society.  As a chapter of Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES), which is a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), HREG always encourages our members to join TXSES and ASES.  The ASES annual membership is only $39, which includes the awesome Solar Today magazine and emails such as the one below pointing the way to federal funding for RE.

      So, before you go after the money, why not take a minute to join ASES and do good for yourself and the renewable energy cause.

      Mike, HREG president

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      Subject: Solar Grants & Recovery Act Funding

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      Dear ASES Supporter,

      There's a new wave of funding starting to flow.

      The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides $32.6 billion to the Department of Energy. More than half of those funds will advance renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.

      Would you like to apply for some of those funds?

      The American Solar Energy Society has compiled links to energy-related grants and other federal funding sources to make it easier for you to find these opportunities.

      Click here for the ASES Solar Grants webpage >

      When you visit this page you'll find links to:

      • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Grants
      • Department of Energy Funding By State
      • Solar Policy and Analysis Regional Centers
      • Weatherization Grant Info
      • Green Job Training | Guidelines (pdf)
      • Electric Vehicle Battery Grants
      • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Deployment in Indian Country
      • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Biomedical Research
      • Clean Energy Application Center
      • SmartGrid Information Clearinghouse
      • National Science Foundation Grants
      • Environmental Protection Agency Grants
      • Department of Labor Grants
      • Other Grants

      Please contact the federal agency directly for the latest details. Nearly all of these links have contact names and phone numbers for additional information.

      Feel free to share this email with others looking for funding sources.

      And thanks for your continued support. Together, we're speeding the transition to a sustainable energy economy.

      Best regards,

      Neal Lurie
      Director of Marketing & Communications
      American Solar Energy Society

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