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Re: [hreg] Our Own Trees and the Rain forests

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  • Jonathan Clemens
    I would recommend asking the Sierra Club s Conservation chairman about how or who to get a state rep to sponsor a tree bill. Contact Frank Blake:
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      I would recommend asking the Sierra Club's Conservation chairman about how or who to get a state rep to sponsor a tree bill.  Contact Frank Blake:
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      Subject: RE: [hreg] Our Own Trees and the Rain forests

      I would be interested in knowing how to get a state rep to sponser a bill requiring any company that develops any wooded land for any purpose to plant 5 tress for every one that the cut down or cause to die from development activities.  I know that there are other states that have inacted this type of legislation and also require these companies to even replace any trees that die for what ever reason for up to 5 years after it is planted.
      Dan Stuettgen
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      Subject: [hreg] Our Own Trees and the Rain forests

      I am a member of The National Arbor Day Foundation.  I am for saving the Rain
      Forests every where, of course.  


      What concerns me, even more than saving the Rainforest, is that we don't even
      try to "Save Our Own Trees."  

      We are not paying attention to "Our Own, Area's Trees."

      All over the Houston Metropolitan Area, the builders are going into our few,
      small, forested areas, that we have left, and leveling the land.  They cut
      down almost every Tree, many times they cut down (All of the Trees.)  How
      many years will this continue?  What will be left of the Trees before someone
      finally figures out that you can't replace the benefits of a Large, 100 to
      200 year old Tree?  

      I understand that it is cheaper for the builder to build, if, there are no
      Trees to work around, but "Saving the Trees," is done in a few area's, like
      The Woodlands, etc., so, we know it can be done.

      We talk about saving everything else, We fuss about the pollution, but, no
      one seems to think or talk about, what happens with pollution when there are
      "NO TREES LEFT" to filter/clean the air we breath.  Will we eventual all die
      because Man Destroyed Natures Necessities?  Trees are what give Us Oxygen and
      Clean up our Air.  Without Trees, Nothing, could live on earth.

      How many people know that this area has a Major Problem that is consuming our
      Trees?  Our TREES, Yours and Mine, all over this part of Texas, the "Trees
      are dying" from diseases and also, from some kind of, accidentally, imported,
      Beetle?  I work all over Houston and see many, many Dying Trees, especially,
      on the North side where we still have Some, Old Tree Forests.  Do you or we
      realize that many of the trees that are in this Dangerous Environment are 100
      years old and older.  We should all be worried enough about these facts, that
      we should do something.  Is Man his own worst enemy?  I am afraid that he
      is....... I just don't know who we need to tell locally, that, "They," who
      ever "They" are, should stop giving out the permits to cut down our Healthily
      Trees and direct "Whom ever" to Doctor Our Sick Trees, before it is to late.

      Houston is way up, at the top of the list, when it comes to, "the most
      polluted cities" in which to live.  Why doesn't anyone ever do anything about
      Saving Our Very Own Trees?

      I think every one should Plant Trees, not cut them down and WE SHOULD BE
      DOCTORING our Diseased Trees.

      Who do we "all" need to ask, to SAVE OUR TREES?  Does anyone have addresses
      or email addresses to the Officials or State Representatives or who ever,
      that might help save our Trees?

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