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Re: [hreg] Austin update

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    David, How did it go? Mike ... From: David Power To: Hreg@Yahoogroups. Com Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009
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      How did it go?
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      Subject: [hreg] Austin update

      Time to show your support for solar, and your opposition to new  
      nuclear power!

      Rumor has it that  Austin City Councilman Mike Martinez is the force  
      pushing hard to bring back the Nuclear proposal and to dump the Solar  
      project. With the big city right down 35 rolling out a major new green  
      agenda and huge proposed changes in their utility, are we going to see  
      San antonio leave us and the Green jobs agenda behind in a cloud of  
      brown dust. We've got Grandma coming back, like some of the nuclear  
      waste that we cant get rid of, and now this, is it going to be 1978  
      all over again?

      On Thursday, Austin City Council will take up the issues of nuclear  
      energy and solar energy. We can't think of a better picture to  
      illustrate the
      fork in the road we face when it comes to Austin's energy future.

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