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RE: [hreg] Mayor White tells HOAs to allow solar

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  • Kevin Conlin
    As president of my HOA, I m on board with this, just wish someone would apply. Also was good article about Dr. Eugster in the Houston Chronicle today. Kevin
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 6, 2009
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      As president of my HOA, I’m on board with this, just wish someone would apply.


      Also was good article about  Dr. Eugster in the Houston Chronicle today.


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      In November, Mayor White sent letters to HOAs encouraging them to aprove solar installations.  Below is the text for those that can not open the attachment, which is a copy of the letter.  Some of you may remember Dr. Cris Eugster who spoke with us at one of our HREG Quarterly meetings last year.


      The Mayor writes....


      "November 21, 2008


      Houston Area Homeowners Associations and Civic Clubs:


      I am hearing from many Houstonians who want to install solar panels on their homes in order to reduce utility costs and make their homes more 'green'. Unfortunately, many are finding that their neighborhood associations will not allow the installation of these panels.


      Solar power, in addition to being renewable and carbon free, helps reduce the energy load for our region.  By reducing the energy demand, we need fewer power plants and transmission lines to service our city.  This reduces the overall cost of electricity to everyone in our community.  We want to encourage homeowners to install solar energy systems, not to discourage them or restrict them.


      Please review your rules and policies regarding solar energy systems and help us find a way to encourage their use by removing impedements.  These may include revisiting your rules, policies, restrictions, or interpretations by aesthetic or architectural committees.  The City of Houston has done the same and you will find these systems in use on City equipment even in your neighborhood.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Cris Eugster, our Sustainability Director, at 832-393-0976 or cris.eugster@ cityofhouston. net.


      Let's help our citizens as they strive to reduce their energy demand - something that's good for all of us across Houston .


      As always, thank you for your good work, leadership and support.



      Bill White

      Mayor of Houston "


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