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Re: [hreg] Moving, must sell my solar equipment

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  • sue ruthstrom
    Hey Mike - Thanks for the email.  The price is very attractive but we re still trying to figure out how we can make this work with our airstream trailer.  If
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 16, 2008
      Hey Mike - Thanks for the email.  The price is very attractive but we're still trying to figure out how we can make this work with our airstream trailer.  If you have the time we'd like to come out and see what you've got.  Sue

      --- On Tue, 12/16/08, mike wood <mikewoodbooks@...> wrote:
      From: mike wood <mikewoodbooks@...>
      Subject: Re: [hreg] Moving, must sell my solar equipment
      To: hreg@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 9:39 AM

      Hi Susan,
      I reduced the price:
      I've had a bunch of emails from people asking to just buy individual components. For those looking to buy a starter package

      (package includes [Package cost w/tax is $4,132.50 new]): 
      • 4 Deka 8G27 gel cel batteries. Rated at 99 AH each, so total battery bank is approximately 400 AmpHours (or approximately 5000 watts - 5KW). Cost $318.95 each
      • 2 Kyocera KC80 solar panels. 80 watts each. New cost $486 each. Appraised replacement cost is $500-600 each (The KC80 has been replaced and the current model is now the KC85)
      • 1 OkSolar Top-opening battery enclosure. Cost $1,369
      • 1 ASC load control alarm. Cost $87.75
      • 1 sets of: 8 battery cables, 2 battery enclosure cables and load control cables. Cost $100. 
      you can get it for $999.
      For those looking for just panels, you can get a pair for $750.
      For those looking for just batteries, you can get 4 for $400
      Thanks, mike wood  281-358-3773

      On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 9:50 PM, Susan Modikoane <suemodikoane@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Did you get any takers on your solar equipment?

      --- On Tue, 11/25/08, mikewoodbooks <mikewoodbooks@ gmail.com> wrote:
      From: mikewoodbooks <mikewoodbooks@ gmail.com>

      Subject: [hreg] Moving, must sell my solar equipment
      To: hreg@yahoogroups. com
      Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 9:00 AM

      Hi, newbie to the group. Tried to find a separate classified section
      but couldn't find one. Please forgive and provide guidance if this is
      the wrong area to post at.
      I set up my first system on an RV in 1989. 3 panels, Edison Nickel
      Iron batteries and a Trace inverter. Worked great! (long gone now so
      don't bother to email about that one). Been reading Home Power since
      issue #11 and had planned on setting up a whole house system when we
      eventually move from Kingwood to California. However, with the recent
      power outage from Hurricane Ike (these seem to be more and more
      frequent) and our continuing electricity rate hikes, I recently made
      the plunge and purchased a large solar power system. 48 batteries, 26
      panels and lots more. I had thought we wouldn't be moving for 3 years.
      Now however, it turns out we will be moving this Spring. If I knew
      that we would be moving into a house right away I could possibly think
      about bringing the equipment with us. But we may be in an apartment
      initially, so its just not going to work out to move all this stuff.
      Anyways, I think my best move is to part this gear out into starter
      systems for someone that wants to get their feet wet in RE and take a
      room off grid. I put a listing on Craigslist
      http://houston. craigslist. org/for/93345226 0.html

      basically 4 Deka batteries, 2 Kyocera 80 watt panels, OK Solar
      battery enclosure, ASC charge controller, and battery cables and
      wiring. New cost is a little over $4000 and I've listed it for $1299.
      If anyone is interested just email or give me a call at 281-358-3773.
      Thanks, mike

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