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Re: [hreg] OT-Chris Collins/John Denver small, free concert this weekend

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  • evelyn sardina
    What a treat! Thanks for sharing.... Where can people RSVP? ... From: texasblessings Subject: [hreg] OT-Chris Collins/John Denver
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 15, 2008
      What a treat! Thanks for sharing.... Where can people RSVP?

      --- On Mon, 12/15/08, texasblessings <texasblessings@...> wrote:
      From: texasblessings <texasblessings@...>
      Subject: [hreg] OT-Chris Collins/John Denver small, free concert this weekend
      To: hreg@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, December 15, 2008, 7:07 AM

      Hello All-

      I hope this isn't too far off topic for this group, but for me, my
      environmental awakening happened largely through listening to John
      Denver music back in the '70s. I still visit his home, family, and
      the co-owned land with Rocky Mountain Institute once a year for new
      environmentally friendly lifestyle ideas. I expect this concert to
      be full of the sentimenst that drew many of us to the environmental
      movement in the first place and hope that some of you will find time
      to come visit & network. Here's the info:

      I am thrilled to announce and to invite you all to what I hope will
      be the first of many annual Music Fests on Saturday, Dec. 20th out
      here at the Texas Blessings property (Blessing, TX 77419).

      This is the birth of an idea I've harbored in my heart for a long,
      long time. I envision friends both new & old sitting around on
      bales of hay in the barn on a crisp winter's night, among the
      animals, in a quiet time of contemplation, enjoyment, musical
      entertainment and some singing along to familiar old songs.

      When I approached my friend and musician Chris Collins and explained
      my idea and asked what he thought about performing out here, he
      said, simply, "I'm there".

      I met Chris several years ago while he was doing John Denver tribute
      concerts in Aspen, Colorado at the annual Aspen in October
      celebrations. Chris is a dynamic and extremely positive person who
      has recently founded a wonderful environmental organization called
      the Peaceful Blue Planet Foundation (www.peacefulbluepl anet.org) .
      Chris is a visionary for our time and has one of the most positive,
      forward thinking attitudes of anyone I've ever met. He truly
      believes John Denver's words "come and stand beside us, we can find
      a better way".

      Chris' specialty is John Denver music, and you can see as he sings
      those songs of love, nature, and the solidarity of the human family
      that he believes every word and feels them deeply. My vision for
      this event is that while we all sit around in the barn among the
      animals while Chris blesses us by playing his guitar and singing
      songs of love, family, and peace so appropriate and necessary,
      especially this time of year.

      I would invite you to visit Chris at his website and learn more
      about his history, ideologies, style, etc:
      www.chriscollinsmus ic.com You will really regret it and miss a huge
      blessing if you don't make it out here this weekend to meet him in

      Chris would not let us pay him to do this concert; he feels strongly
      that what we are trying to accomplish here at Texas Blessings so far
      as being an educational force in the community and a refuge for
      those who need it is in line with what he and his co-founders are
      trying to accomplish with their Peaceful Blue Planet Foundation
      www.peacefulbluepla net.org, That is a huge compliment to us. We
      are going to set up a donation area for anyone who feels like they
      want to support Chris' work, but this concert is our gift to you:
      our friends, family, volunteers, neighbors, and fellow "crew-members
      on spaceship earth".

      I hope that you will join us this Saturday and celebrate the season
      with song, food, and fellowship. I know this is late notice and
      it's a busy time for everyone, but if this comes off like I think it
      will, it will become a holiday tradition that we look forward to
      every year. Bring anyone you like, invite anyone you'd like. We'll
      have a fire for roasting marshmallows, a big pot of soup for warmth
      & comfort, and plenty of other snacks & drinks. BYOB if you like.
      Come & go. Chris will start singing about dark. Send us a note or
      give us a call & let us know if you're coming if you can, but come
      either way.

      We can't wait to see you all!!!!!!!!!

      www.texasblessings. com

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