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The 350 Climate Challenge - talk tonight

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  • Tim Mock
    It looks like Gustav will not rain out this meeting. It s free, but if you can t come, at least follow the links at the end to two very important newspaper
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2008
      It looks like Gustav will not rain out this meeting.  It's free, but if you can't come, at least follow the links at the end to two very important newspaper articles.
      The 350 Climate Crisis Challenge/Response 
      a panel presentation and discussion  
        U.S. climatologist, James Hansen, recently calculated a safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2 concentration -- 300-350ppm.  We are now at 386 and accelerating.  Tim Mock will talk about the science and its implications.  Scholar and author, Bill McKibben, sounded the alarm in the Los Angeles Times, "Civilization's Last Chance," and established a Web site, <350.org>, to help organize a response to the challenge.  Jenni Malone will present a summary of McKibben's ideas.  After brief presentations, the audience is invited to discuss the ideas presented and how they apply to us in the Bellaire/Houston area.
       Panel:  After a Rice physics degree and a career mostly in software, Tim retired in 1978 and became a professional climate worry-wart.  Jenni stayed in the work force and has a successful Nature Discovery Center to show for her efforts!
      Details: 7-8:30 PM, Wednesday, September 3, 2008, Russ Pitman Park, Nature Discovery Center, 7112 Newcastle, Bellaire, TX 77401
      The link to McKibben's op-ed:
      A very serious new development (the "methane burp" phase of the climate transition?) described in the last two paragraphs:
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