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  • Garth & Kim Travis
    Greetings, George has been put on moderated status. Not for the content of his post, but because he has continued to post to the list on a topic that was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2008
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      George has been put on moderated status. Not for the content of his
      post, but because he has continued to post to the list on a topic that
      was declared closed. There are others on this list on moderated status
      for the same reason, this is not picking on him. Since his post was
      addressed to Chris, the proper action was to send it directly to Chris,
      not to the list.

      This list has structure, and no, I don't have final say. Final say
      about everything on this list is with the HREG officers, especially with
      Mike Ewert, our President. I suggested the topic be dropped, but I
      didn't close it. When Chris, the Vice President, said the topic was
      stopped until it could be dealt with at the meeting, it was closed. No

      If you want to be on moderated status, do one of the following:
      1. Continue a thread after it is closed.
      2. Reply to a message that got someone banned, without trimming the
      post of the offensive material.
      3. Continuously post off topic material and ignore request to change
      your behavior.

      If you want to be banned from the list, do one of the following:
      1. Flame someone, especially with foul language.
      2. Spam the list with advertising.

      Not a lot of rules, I do try to be easy to get along with. This group
      is for the benefit of the members, to facilitate the promotion of
      renewable energy in Houston.

      Please, if you have further comments to make on this topic, direct them
      directly to Chris Boyer. Or, better yet, show up at the meeting and let
      them know how you feel about your list. I will not be in attendance, I
      have multiple chemical sensitivity and find any indoor activities far
      too fragrant for my health.

      I am perfectly happy to continue running this list, as is. Sometimes,
      like everyone else, I do get overwhelmed in my personal life, and ask
      for help. If this is complaining, so be it. This is my way of
      supporting renewable energy in a non-health threatening manner.

      Bright Blessings,
      List Owner, for now.

      Kathleen Carrier wrote:

      > All organizations need structure. Let’s not confuse that with
      > accusations and closing doors.
      > Chris,
      > First, Don't EVER insinuate that we have attempted to imitate HREG.
      > EVER.
      > Second, Kim has repeatedly complained about how hard it is to
      > moderate on this system.
      > Philip contacted me with a possible fix and upgrade to an archaic
      > system. And as a result, it has been OFFERED to the group. That's it.
      > I wish I could be at the meeting to respond to your accusations
      > directly, fortunately, I will be in the U.A.E. at the Masdar project.
      > Learning and opening my world to new and better ideas, rather than
      > closing and shunning people that want to help or offer ideas.
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