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RE: [hreg] Fwd: The Price of GAS

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  • Stephanie Edwards-Musa
    Kathleen, that is so well stated...it needs to be published as a quote somewhere. Stephanie Edwards-Musa Realtor, Certified EcoBroker Coldwell Banker United,
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      Kathleen,  that is so well stated...it needs to be published as a quote somewhere.

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      I think Europeans have a drastically different attitude (my mother is Norwegian).  


      For them – what is good for the community is good for the individual.  They have a much, much longer historical memory – they live in cities that are much older than ours. A different perspective.   In the US – it’s “what is good for me is good for me”.  We still live with the idea of manifest destiny, an idea which made the US great in the first place.  Only it’s such a basic underlying concept to our culture, I think we no longer see it for what it is.  We can not expand and grow indefinitely, and expect the resources, including energy, to always be there in the form we have it today.  Global Warming aside, this seems to be a fact that is hard to argue with.


      A good book:  Blessed Unrest   http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/102-0135597-2388166?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Blessed+Unrest  It’s about the power of grassroots organizations.  And HREG is a part of that. J  










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      Dear Maria,

                       First and foremost there is not a shortage of fuel in our country just greed. Maybe in Iran they raised prices and capped amounts that could be purchased but not here, it's just plain ol' Capitalism.

      It's the same greed that wall street uses to make "bank" on the backs of all of us, it's the same greed that would rather see truckers spending 50% of their profits  put back into their own fuels and drive the price of our food through the roof. Generally our food we get at the grocery( produce) comes from 900 miles away, that's a lot of diesel. It is the same greed that thinks that coal generation is a good idea or that a 14 lane freeway will make traffic go away. It is the political incorrectness and greed that says we need to make biofuels from food grains, make it profitable enough to make American farmers and farmers abroad stop planting what they are good at and grow corn/soy which furthers that same greed. It is the same backass-wards attempt for the president to tell us HE offered the Congress a way to  "get more energy to our people" was to drill for MORE oil in ANWAR, the west coast and the Gulf. More oil just means more profits for the "deciders" of our country. Until a gallon of fuel is 10 dollars a gallon, the trucking industry will be crushed, food will be outrageous, even big agrifarms will be reeling under the stress of expensive fertilizers. I have not heard of the "Ethos" yet, I will look into it though.

      Europe is so far ahead of the US it's not funny. Bringing small trucks into their cities on flatbed electric rail cars, then offloading doing(trucks) their rounds and taken back out of the city sounds pretty progressive to me. Nanosolar as its been on this group I think is a wonderful idea of Municipal solar. Edges of the city, edges of suburban areas of metro Houston linked to solar systems. Now we have to wrestle with utility giants that have become deregulated - more greed. I will say it again, that we need collectively to demand that Congress remove the 1.8 billion $ subsidy that oil companies receive ( in case the bottom falls out of their product) and use it to streamline and assist hybrid technologies and mainline renewable starting with the genaral public.


      "Biofuels are another new demand on grain stocks, and a potentially insatiable one. The grain used to fill an SUV tank with ethanol could feed one person for a year."


      " Every house should be over-producing its energy and selling to the grid. We have built entire villages that do that – where one or two buildings hold the solar panels for all sixty homes and sell the surplus to the grid. In seven years, you can pay off all your expenses and run free. They use this same idea in Denmark. Every village there has a windmill that can fuel up to 800 homes." - Bill Mollison, Permaculture founder

       It's going to have to hurt everyone to change this course we're on, it's going to make us look at ourselves and decide whether it is better to look good/powerful/wasteful or make a ethical/moral decision to have a life than CAN be sustained on this planet. For our childrens sake I pray it's the latter. Power through grassroots, changing one persons mind at a time.


        If we do not pay attention to companies like Phoenix Motorcars, Tesla and our own homegrown mechanics who have been building their own EV's and Frybrids we will all be driving BYP cars. Chinese-built hybrids, probably the only things we could afford if things progress like this.


      Bill S.

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