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  • Susan Modikoane
    That was a mistake, Mike. I m sorry! --- On Thu, 5/1/08, Michael Ewert wrote: From: Michael Ewert Subject: RE:
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      That was a mistake, Mike. 


      I'm sorry!

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      You are getting off topic.  Please stick to renewable energy!

      Thank you,



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      For your eyes only.  From today's Wayne Madsen Report.

      April 30, 2008 -- BREAKING NEWS. UPDATED 4X. CIA agent gunned down by Houston police

      publication date: Apr 30, 2008


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      April 30, 2008 -- BREAKING NEWS. UPDATED 4X. CIA agent gunned down by Houston police

      Houston police shot and killed Roland Vincent Carnaby, 52, the local Houston chapter president of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO). AFIO is a membership organization of current and former U.S. intelligence officers, primarily those who work or worked for the CIA and military intelligence agencies. AFIO's national board includes President George H. W. Bush who is honorary chairman. The honorary board also includes Shirley Temple Black, Frank Carlucci, former National Security Agency (NSA) director Gen. Lincoln Faurer, former NSA director and CIA deputy director Bobby Ray Inman, former CIA and FBI director William Webster, and former CIA director James Woolsey. The chairman of the active board is M. E. "Spike" Bowman, the former head of the FBI's National Security Law Unit and the person who denied the Minneapolis FBI office a special warrant to search Zacarias Moussaoui's belongings prior to the 9/11 attacks.

      Details about the shooting remain cloudy, but local Houston veterans of AFIO are discounting the Houston police's portrayal of the events that led to Carnaby's shooting death. Although Carnaby described himself as a federal intelligence but was never specific about his actual employer. According to the Houston Chronicle, Carnaby mentioned in the past the CIA and Department of Homeland Security. The CIA denied any connection to Carnaby.

      Fred Platt, the Vice President of the Houston AFIO chapter, said Carnaby's job was so classified, Houston police homicide detectives will come up blank when they run his name. Platt said Carnaby's job involved homeland security and it involved Houston 's airports and the port of Houston .

      In what is being described as a case worthy of an episode of the "X Files" television show, the FBI in Houston , the Harris County Sheriff, and the Houston Police Chief are all denying knowing Carnaby. The denials are absurd considering Carnaby led the premier organization that brought together Houston 's intelligence and law enforcement communities for professional and social events. In fact, Carnaby would have been presiding over the Spring 2008 dinner of Houston 's AFIO chapter in a few weeks. Scheduled to speak are Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's "Alex Station" that targeted Osama Bin Laden; Arthur R. Bland III, the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Houston Division, who spent nineteen months in Iraq prior to his arrival in Houston; and Carlos J. Barron, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Counter Terrorism Intelligence Group, (CTIG) Houston Division, an FBI Joint Task Force (JTIF) initiative with the CIA. For the FBI and CIA to deny they knew Carnaby is laughable on its face.

      Carnaby was said to have traveled frequently for his job. Carnaby used two different UPS Store mailboxes as addresses for his driver's license and his Jeep registration. Houston police reported that Carnaby was shot by two Houston police officers Tuesday morning around 11:30 am after a high-speed chase by the Houston police. The Chronicle reported that Carnaby sped off after being stopped for a routine traffic stop and after officers learned that Carnaby has a concealed weapons permit. The Houston police officers said they fired after seeing Carnaby reach under his seat. They said they feared for their lives.

      Platt said Carnaby was engaged to be married and had no reason to run from the police. Police said they initially found no weapons in Carnaby's Jeep but said later they found two pistols and a shot gun and one was within reach of the subject. WMR has learned from US intelligence sources in Houston that the weapons were planted in Carnaby's Jeep after the vehicle was impounded by Houston police.

      WMR has also learned that Carnaby possessed knowledge of something the Bush administration or Israel did not want made public and that the "hit" on Carnaby involved Israeli Mossad agents operating in Houston .

      Story developing.

      Background on AFIO from its website:

      "During the 1970s the Intelligence Community was buffeted by a number of leaks and revelations, culminating in the Church and Pike Congressional investigations. CIA officer David Atlee Phillips took early retirement in 1975 to respond to the growing sentiment that the CIA was a 'rogue elephant.' As part of this effort, Phillips founded this organization, known then as the Association of Retired Intelligence Officers (ARIO). Although much attacked at the time when many people called for the dismantlement of the CIA, Phillips toured the world to speak out in favor of the need for a strong intelligence community. He was subsequently personally accused of being a participant in the Kennedy and Letelier assassinations. He successfully sued several publications for libel, retractions were issued and monetary damages awarded. Phillips donated some of these proceeds to ARIO for the purpose of creating a legal defense fund for American intelligence officers who felt they were the victims of libel.

      In 1978 the name of the organization was changed to Association of Former Intelligence Officers to reflect a pool of members who were not necessarily retired, which widened the pool of eligible members, and in 2006 the acronym AFIO was changed to stand for Association For Intelligence Officers to reflect the current dynamic membership. From its inception in Dave Phillips’ living room and a few hundred members in 1975, AFIO has grown to over 5000 members, with 24 active chapters across the United States ."

      UPDATE 1: WMR has learned from a reliable source that Houston has become a major station for Mossad activities, especially in warehousing, retail sales, aviation, and shipping. Carnaby was looking at the security for the Port of Houston and the area's airports. Local Houston news reports indicate Carnaby was trying to call the Houston FBI on his cell phone to have them verify his identity with the police when the police shot him to death.

      UPDATE 2: Houston-based CIA agent Roland Carnaby was shot and killed by Houston police less than six blocks away from the home of former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

      UPDATE 3: KPRC-TV Houston is now reporting that Roland Carnaby's credentials discovered by Houston police investigators show that he was a CIA intelligence officer. Carnaby apparently used more than one CIA-issued alias, including "Tom." A top CIA official is reportedly on his way to Houston to verify Carnaby's CIA credentials. Houston police are now saying that Carnaby was reaching for his cell phone, not a weapon, was he was shot by the police.

      UPDATE 4: WMR's earlier report that Carnaby's death involved Mossad assets in Houston is now gaining additional credence as some well-known blogs, linked to right-wing Jewish political and intelligence operations in the United States and Israel , are now beginning the predictable character assassination of Carnaby as a "fraud" and a "former" U.S. intelligence agent. WMR has learned that Carnaby was targeted by Mossad in a high-stakes game of tit-for-tat since the CIA and FBI went after long-time Israeli agent Ben-Ami Kadish last week in New Jersey and vowed to identify, expose, and prosecute other Israeli moles in high positions inside the Bush administration.




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