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[hreg] Workshops in Austin

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  • Chuck Wright
    It seems like there s a battle going on between the HREG listserv and the TXSES announce listserv. In case any Houston folks are interested, here is an
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 1999
      It seems like there's a battle going on between the
      HREG listserv and the TXSES announce listserv.

      In case any Houston folks are interested, here is an
      announcement that Kathryn just sent out about
      upcoming workshops that we will be doing in Austin.


      6:30 to 8 p.m.
      at Austin Branch Public Libraries
      sponsored by
      Renewable Energy Association of Central Texas (REACT)
      Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES) 512.326.3391

      Wed. Nov. 17 Rainwater Collection Manchaca Road Branch
      Follow that raindrop from the sky to your faucet and learn everything
      required in between to provide your entire household with pure, soft
      water. The focus of this seminar is harvesting for sole source of water
      supply, including recommended roofing, guttering, cisterns and
      filtration systems. Instructors are TXSES Director, Kathryn Houser,
      President of WATER WORKS of Texas, Inc., and Jess Reich, owner of
      Rainwater Specialties, who have both been designing and installing
      collection systems for over 5 years.

      Thurs. Nov. 18 Home Energy Awareness North Village Branch
      What's your share of the Carbon Dioxide surplus? How much is that
      sunlight streaming in worth? Does energy conservation outperform the
      stock market? This seminar strives to answer these questions and more,
      raising general awareness of energy use in the home. Instructor is
      TXSES Board member, Chuck Wright, a micro chip designer at IBM, who has
      devoted considerable time to studying energy efficiency.

      Mon. Nov. 22 Photovoltaics: Solar Electricity Howson Branch
      Photovol.......what? You know, solar electricity: the direct conversion
      of sunlight into electricity. What a cool idea! Come on down to
      Austin's only PV-powered library to see and hear about the basics of
      solar-electric systems. Your questions will map our course into the
      future of sustainable energy production and use that is here today.
      Instructor is TXSES Vice Chair, Andrew McCalla, who has been in the
      business of PV system design and installation since 1994.

      Tues. Nov. 30 Passive Solar Energy Design North Village Branch
      This seminar will give an overview on a number of passive solar
      techniques that can be incorporated into any building to increase energy
      efficiency and reduce dependence on natural resources. Instructor is
      REACT President, Paul Breaux, a Physicist, who has recently designed
      and built a totally self-sufficient solar house, "Chez Soleil," featured
      on the recent Cool House Tour ’99.

      Weds. Dec. 1 Solar Hot Water Systems Old Quarry Branch
      Learn about the system components and operations to get the power of the
      sun to heat your water, whether it is in your pool or your shower. The
      seminar also reveals the economics of solar water heating. The
      instructor is Curtis Christian, the Solar Man, who has been in the solar
      business since he received his associates degree in solar energy from
      TSTI in 1981.

      Branch locations:
      Manchaca Road: 5500 Manchaca Rd. near Stassney in South Austin
      North Village: 2139 W. Anderson Ln. 1 block E. of Burnet in N. Austin
      Howson: 2500 Exposition Blvd. in Central Austin (472-3584)
      Old Quarry: 7051 Village Center Dr. SW of MoPac at Far West in NW
      Austin (345-4435)
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