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  • Nan Hildreth
    Tuesday, Dynegy call in day and 10am press conference. Details below. Wednesday, 7pm, Focus the Nation at First Unitarian Church.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2008
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      Tuesday, Dynegy call in day and 10am press conference. Details below.
      Wednesday, 7pm, Focus the Nation at First Unitarian
      Church. www.HoustonClimateProtection.org
      Thursday, Focus the Nation events at Rice, UH main campus and
      downtown, and other campuses. www.focusthenation.org
      February 27, coal conference 2pm to 6:30pm
      February 27, in the evening Burning the Future at Angelica Theater
      February 28, 4:30pm to 6:30pm, Coal Moratorium Now Demonstration at
      George R Brown Convention Center, note that the time has changed.
      (flyer attached)

      Nan Hildreth 713-842-6643

      >Delivered-To: nanhildreth@...
      >Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:37:55 -0600
      >From: susannah@...
      >To: susannah@...
      >Subject: REMINDER: TUESDAY,Make The Call To Stop Coal
      >PRESS CONFERENCE: Dynegy Headquarters, 1000 Louisiana, Houston, Wells
      >Fargo Building, 10 AM -11 AM. Join us to say NO NEW COAL at Dynegy's
      >CALL IN DAY: 8:30-5 PM Tuesday, January 29th, GOAL: 2,000 calls Nationally
      >Sample Phone script for calling the Dynegy Headquarters
      >"Hi there. My name is _________. I am calling to urge Dynegy to look
      >beyond coal to cleaner energy solutions, like efficiency and
      >renewables. Please pass my concerns on to the senior management of the
      >You can also add additional comments if you like, such as, Efficiency
      >and renewables can meet our energy needs while fighting global warming
      >and creating jobs,or why you care about this issue.
      >Phone number for calling:
      >1) 713-507-6400 or 1-877-396-3499-Dynegy Headquarters in Houston
      >Notes about calling
      >It is possible that by the time you call, many other people will have
      >called as well, so they may be short with you or they may try to tell
      >you that their investments in coal are necessary. You can feel free to
      >engage the person in conversation, but be firm in your message to
      >them. There is nothing wrong with engaging a company directly because
      >you have concerns with the way they do business.
      >It's incredibly useful for us to know what the reaction from the
      >company was, particularly because it may have evolved over the course
      >of the day. After you have made your call, please e-mail us back,
      >Susannah@..., to let us know the response you received. If
      >you told multiple people to make phone calls, ask them to share their
      >responses with you and then e-mail us with everybody's comments.
      >Together, we can,
      > Susannah Hook-Rodgers
      > Houston Field Organizer
      > Sierra Club National Coal Campaign
      > Susannah@...
      > 303-919-3296 (c)
      > 713-524-3000(w)

      Nan Hildreth, Houston 713-842-6643

      "If you want to stop global warming, stop coal" said Architecture
      2030 in their full page ad in the New York Times.

      Dr. James Hansen told Houston "it remains possible and not entirely
      painful" to address global warming. "The most important step ...would
      be to prohibit the construction of coal-fired power plants until
      technology is developed to capture carbon dioxide ..." according to
      the Houston Chronicle 10/25/07
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