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RE: [hreg] Just Another Idea.....CONSERVATION PLAN

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  • Robert Johnston
    Thank-you, Oral. I think that as HREG grows, it may be possible to form subgroups, that might include a political action committee, for those so inclined.
    Message 1 of 22 , Feb 5, 2001
      Thank-you, Oral. I think that as HREG grows, it may be possible
      to form subgroups, that might include a political action
      committee, for those so inclined. But for now, and for the main
      focus for the foreseeable future, I hope we can focus on sharing
      technology information primarily (not that I don't personally
      enjoy a good political rumble).

      I enjoyed the recent contributions by Steve Stelzer on fluorescents
      and by William Bell on home design elements. That kind of stuff
      is good. Maybe as we continue to share, we'll be able to put
      together some FAQ's for the Houston area.

      Robert Johnston

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      > Subject: RE: [hreg] Just Another Idea.....CONSERVATION PLAN
      > Why others might be disconnecting!
      > Even though these discussions need not cease, the political
      > arena is out of
      > the group's league for now at least. I don't think it's part
      > of our mission
      > It's OK when we talk about what the group can do to promote
      > the use of solar
      > and it's implementation but all of the political stuff just
      > makes the group
      > sound like a group of solar activists lobbying on Capital
      > Hill. We are the
      > Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG). For now, we should
      > keep the group
      > focus on renewable energy growth in our community, Houston. How can we
      > demonstrate its importance to the people of Houston. Earth
      > day is coming up
      > and since this group was formed we have participated and won
      > for displaying
      > and demonstrating solar energy effectiveness. This is and
      > indication that
      > HREG is quite good at this kind of activity and should expand
      > on it. Lets
      > continue working on the people for now.
      > If you have been keeping up with the news on the California
      > energy crisis,
      > you will know that the solar industry is about to get its
      > chance to grow, in
      > my opinion. Since the energy crisis in Cal, over 200 solar
      > projects have
      > gone up and companies cannot meet the demands fast enough. Consumers
      > request for solar energy are now being put on a waiting list.
      > If these
      > systems work well, in the future every one will want to use
      > solar so they
      > can be prepared for this kind of crisis. Or maybe to prevent
      > it happening to
      > them at all. The California energy crisis provides a superb and firm
      > foundation for the renewable energy industry to build on.
      > Sorry for those
      > affected. So, lets start building! But without the politics.
      > A lot of us
      > really wants to stay out of the politics.
      > Oral
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      > Subject: Re: [hreg] Just Another Idea.....CONSERVATION PLAN
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