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Re: [hreg] RE: Green Homes

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  • Kevin L. Conlin
    I think those are good suggestions to a common problem, all make sense, and all are appropriate for this climate. Kevin ... From: William M. Bell, Jr.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 5, 2001
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      I think those are good suggestions to a common problem, all make sense,
      and all are appropriate for this climate. Kevin

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      > We are in the process of building a home in the Houston area.
      > It is very easy and not too expensive to build an energy efficient home.
      > 1. Vent Skin or Envelope. That means that there is an outer skin, an air
      > space, and then an inner wall that contains a reflective or radient
      > In our case, we used foil-backed OSB board for sheething. We then used
      > treated 1x2 stripping, lined up with the interior studs. We then put our
      > fiber cement board over the firring strips. This meant that the sun
      > (especially the western and eastern exposures) strikes the fiber cement
      > board (which does not retain much heat). Because there is an air space
      > between the fiber cement board and the interior wall of the house, the
      > can only be transmitted through radient energy. The Radient barrier on the
      > OSB board reflects about 80% of this radient heat. The air space is part
      > a total, natural venting system which draws heat and humidity from the
      > house. The cooler air enters at the bottom of the wall, rises to to top of
      > the wall and up the rafters and out the top of the house ridge vent.
      > At 4:00 pm in August, the western side of the wall (inside the house and
      > before insulation) did not feel warmer than the ambient air.
      > The entire additional cost for a 27' square house:
      > >$3.00 to $5.00 per sheet for the OSB Board with the radient barrier,
      > 80 sheets = about $240 to $400
      > >1x2 x8' firring strips 100 x 2.50 = $250 (I can't remember the exact
      > >additional labor for firring around windows $200
      > Total additional expense was $690 to $850
      > This is a small amount to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of a
      > house.
      > 2. Orientation to the sun. This is simple. All it takes is some planning
      > self control. Don't buy a lot that forces you to orient the house in an
      > inefficient manner. Don't put your big windows on the east or west
      > exposures.
      > 3. Overhangs. This will keep out the direct summer sun and will help
      > preserve your home from the effects of the weather.
      > These three, simple items can really help to keep the house cool in summer
      > and warm in winter. Most of these ideas can be supported from information
      > found at the Florida Solar Energy Center. Most of the solar information
      > I have reviewed in the past was designed for solar heating. That is not
      > problem here.
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      > From: Steve Stelzer <steve@...>
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      > Sent: Monday, February 05, 2001 9:01 AM
      > Subject: [hreg] RE: Green Homes
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      > > The Houston Habitat for Humanity Director told me two years ago that
      > > typically build an energy efficient house. They started with a
      > > demonstration house built with the National Association of Homebuilders
      > and
      > > various other organizations, including the Florida Solar Energy Center,
      > to
      > > optimize the basic Habitat house about ten years ago. I believe they
      > > fairly standard building materials, with the "green" characteristic
      > > the energy efficiency.
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > Steve Stelzer
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