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  • alammey@HoustonEnergyAnalyst.com
    Yes, I have alot of knowledge of Spark Energy. They have 100% online enrollment for their residential electricity service at www.sparkpowerbank.com . If you
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      Yes, I have alot of knowledge of Spark Energy. They have 100% online enrollment for their residential electricity service at www.sparkpowerbank.com. If you try to enroll by phone, they'll just refer you back to the website to enroll, so that might save you some steps.
      They're based here in Houston and they serve about 50,000 residential customers in Texas and about 20,000 commercial customers. They have a great reputation for good customer service as well.
      Also, you're correct, they offer a 100% renewable plan that is the most competitive
      of any of the electricity providers at 11.6-cents per kilowatt hour for a 12 month guaranteed
      fixed rate -- which is awesome. Plus, they don't charge a $5/month service charge like most of the other providers do. Heck, that's $60 bucks a year in savings right there in just service charges.
      I have Spark for my provider for more than a year now, and I highly recommend them.

      Alan M. Lammey
      Energy Analyst & Consultant

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      Subject: [hreg] Power to Choose
      From: "Steven Deterling" <rocketman1@...>
      Date: Sat, October 20, 2007 9:32 am
      To: hreg@yahoogroups.com

      I have been a customer of Green Mountain Energy for a couple of years now. Overall I've had no issues with their service. Recently, I have been looking at their rates more closely.

      On the PowertoChoose. org web site, the price listed for Green Mountain is $0.144/kWh. This is the variable rate plan. If you agree to 12 months of service with an early cancellation fee, you can drop the rate to $0.139/kWh. Mind you this is for pollution-free energy, not 100% wind.

      Green Mountain also puts on your bill how much CO2 emissions were avoided (in pounds), and the equivalent car miles not driven. These calculations were recently modified, and the numbers I have recently are much lower than the pre-modified numbers. The new numbers are almost a factor of ten lower.

      Looking at my bill, the actual price I am paying for power is either $0.122159/kWh, or $0.169889/kWh. One of these is lower than what is on the power to choose web site, one is higher. It also lists the "average price paid for electric service this month". Recently that was $0.165/kWh. Again higher than what the web site says.

      When I go to the GME web site, I get these numbers:
      $0.144/kWh for pollution-free, $0.139 for reliable rate, and $0.1584 for 100% wind.

      So let's recap:
      Power to Choose rate: $0.144/kWh
      GME site: $0.144/kWh
      GME Reliable Rate: $0.139/kWh
      My actual bill: $0.165/kWh (average price)

      I'm thinking about switching to a different provider, namely Spark Power. They have a 100% renewable plan with a 12 month reliable rate for $0.116/kWh. That's substantially less than what I'm paying for at GME, and even less than the GME 12-month rate.

      Does anybody have experience with Spark Power? Is anybody using them? If so, what is your "average price"? Is it close to what was quoted to you?

      I live near downtown Houston, and use about 2,000 KWh of power a month (at least in the summer). Thanks for the inputs.


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