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RE: [hreg] Climate Meeting Sunday

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  • Michael Ewert
    Nan, Please check your source and let us know about the claim of 80 ft sea level rise attributed to James Hansen. I have not seen predictions that high. I
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      Please check your source and let us know about the claim of 80 ft sea level rise attributed to James Hansen.  I have not seen predictions that high.  I think it is very important to get our “facts” right and keep our opinions realistic so that people will take us seriously.




      Here’s what I found attributed to Dr. Hansen or his scientific group:

      “The West Antarctic ice sheet in particular is dangerously sensitive, with the potential to add over five metres to global sea levels within two centuries when collapsed.”



      Recent observations of Greenland and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet raise concerns for the future. Satellites detect a thinning of parts of the Greenland Ice Sheet at lower elevations, and glaciers are disgorging ice into the ocean more rapidly, adding 0.23 to 0.57 mm/yr to the sea within the last decade. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is also showing some signs of thinning. Either ice sheet, if melted completely, contains enough ice to raise sea level by 5-7 m. A global temperature rise of 2-5°C might destabilize Greenland irreversibly. Such a temperature rise lies within the range of several future climate projections for the 21st century. However, any significant meltdown would take many centuries. Furthermore, even with possible future accelerated discharge from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, it highly unlikely that annual rates of sea level rise would exceed those of the major post-glacial meltwater pulses.



      “The last time a large ice sheet melted sea level went up at a rate of five meters per century.”



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      "How to teach a Low Carbon Diet Course". is on the agenda of the
      Houston Climate Protection Alliance meeting Sunday, 9/9 2:30 pm at
      First Unitarian Universalist Church.

      80 feet of sea level rise this century (plus or minus 30 feet) says
      Hansen. More info on both issues is published on
      www.HoustonClimateP rotection. org

      Nan Hildreth NanHildreth@ riseup.net
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      Chaos theory says that change, creation occurs along the borderline
      between rigid order and random chaos. - Bill Ellis

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